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Astoria, LIC Real Estate Digest: Roof terrace construction, large studio

ASTORIA-LONG ISLAND CITY, QUEENS – Finding an affordable home in New York City isn’t easy, especially when you’re looking for things like a well-lit kitchen or a 24-hour doorman.

In order to make the search a little easier, we’ve combed through redfin.com’s listings for you and found several affordable homes * in the Astoria and Long Island City area, plus one that’s worthy of doing. follies.

Whether you’re up for an offer or just window shopping, consider this your weekly real estate summary for North West Queens, which is widely considered to be the most expensive submarket in the world. arrondissement.

For this reason, you’ll notice that some of the apartments on this list are actually in Woodside and Sunnyside, as we couldn’t find affordable units in Astoria and Long Island City, based on our metrics.

This week we found an affordable one bedroom with a roof terrace and a three bedroom family home in the heart of Astoria.

*The median household income in Queens’ Community District 1, which encompasses Astoria and Long Island City, is $ 79,000 per year. Based on this metric, we determined that an affordable home in the neighborhood costs around $ 260,000, factoring in a 20% down payment and other charges – especially the monthly maintenance fee, which cover operating expenses in co-op buildings and vary in price in buildings that we looked at.


An Astoria studio with additional space for $ 175,000

Photo courtesy of redfin.com

44-14 Newtown Road Apartment 4G: Space is a staple in many New York City apartments, especially studios, which is why it’s nice that this one has space-saving features, like three closets (at least one of which is walk-in). Additionally, while many studios are just one room, this one has a recessed kitchen area, with its own window, making the living space less cluttered. With a price tag of $ 175,000, plus a monthly maintenance fee of $ 404 (according to StreetEasy), this apartment is much cheaper than others in the area. The pre-war building, built in 1930, is also equipped with amenities, such as an elevator, a laundry room, a bicycle storage room. In addition, it accepts pets, except for dogs.

This list originally appeared on redfin.com. For more information and photos, click here.

A pre-war room with pastel walls for $ 260,000

Photo courtesy of redfin.com

30-81 54th Street Apartment 3A: This one bedroom is on the border of Astoria and Woodside; a four minute walk to the 46th Street subway station and about a 20 minute walk to the busier areas of 31st Avenue and Broadway. Each of the rooms in this apartment is painted a different pastel shade: the kitchen, which includes a dining area, is light pink, there is a green living room with a large window, and the bedroom is painted baby blue. For a $ 560 monthly maintenance fee, you get laundry and bicycle storage, a children’s play area, picnic area, and ’11 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. “.

This list originally appeared on redfin.com. For more information and photos, click here.

A room in a building with a roof terrace for $ 259,000

Photo courtesy of redfin.com

50-15 39th Street Apartment 6F: Like the list above, this one bedroom apartment is on the border of Long Island City, but is actually in Sunnyside, about a 10 minute walk from the 40 Street – Lowery Street subway station. The top floor apartment used to be a studio, but has now been turned into a bedroom. The bedroom has two doors: one that opens onto the bathroom and another that leads to the large living room, which includes a breakfast bar. A monthly maintenance fee of $ 605 per month provides you with a laundry room, elevator and rooftop terrace.

This list originally appeared on redfin.com. For more information and photos, click here.

Worthy of madness

A three bedroom house in the heart of Astoria for $ 1.25 million

Photo courtesy of redfin.com

33-21 29th Street: Just steps from the Broadway subway station is this three bedroom home located on 29th Street between Broadway and 34th Avenue. While the layout of the house is a bit difficult to follow from these pictures alone, it features some striking details, like a large arched doorway and a wooden staircase. The property includes a backyard (which appears to be in need of repair), parking space and a garage, as well as a front balcony. The kitchen looks a bit small, but all the rooms seem quite large and also have large windows.

This list originally appeared on redfin.com. For more information and photos, click here.

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