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Back 4 Blood: Deck Building Vs. Prefabricated Decks

ByLinda W. Smith

Oct 24, 2021

The cards in Back 4 Blood can do a lot of things. They can increase your stamina, damage, heal, or even manipulate the types of Ridden you encounter on your journey through the infested lands of this doomsday world. Because of all of these useful benefits, it is essential that you understand and use the card system effectively and with the future in mind.

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This is where the debate around deckbuilding and pre-made decks comes in. Some prefer to customize their own decks while others are content to choose a pre-made deck and fight the treasure without worrying about the best card. While each choice is completely personal, here are a few pros and cons so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Bridge construction

Back 4 Blood Deck Building menu

Before getting into the pros and cons, it is essential that you know exactly what patio construction is and how to do it. First and foremost, deckbuilding is where you choose to select your own cards that will give you perks before you level up. There are 15 cards that can go into your deck and some are definitely better than others. However, there are a few tips for choosing the right cards and many have their own preferences. Mainly those that promote endurance, inventory and power.

Still, you want to keep an eye on your strengths and weaknesses as well as watch out for the negatives of many cards.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of choosing to build your own deck is the freedom of choice that lies behind it. You have the opportunity to recognize your strengths and weaknesses throughout the game and use the cards to help you succeed. Obviously, this requires a lot of planning up front, but this way you always know what your next card will be, allowing each choice to complement each other.

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Another positive point is the notion that you can choose the most powerful cards in the game. It is well known that there are some cards that seem to be better than the rest and that way you can choose them, as long as you they really correspond to the plan you have.

The inconvenients

All the pros are amazing and make building your own deck amazing, but it can be quite tricky and really not very beginner friendly. Fortunately, there are a few cards that will work well for beginners, but the fact that you need a blueprint to build an effective deck makes it quite difficult for someone who doesn’t fully understand the system.

You will need to think through all of this and have a deep understanding of the game and yourself as a player, which may take a bit of time, but it will definitely come in time. One thing that will definitely come in time is the enormous difficulty in getting the cards you want. You have to collect and find the cards throughout the levels you play, so there is no guarantee that you can get the one you want when you want it.

Prefabricated decks

Back 4 Blood Pre Made Deck menu

Prefabricated decks are similar to building your own in that you need to unlock the cards first. However, the game will come with a few prepped for you in case you ever want to touch a buildable deck.

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Nonetheless, pre-made decks are set to a certain standard and you’ll end up unlocking more as you progress through the game and unlock more powerful cards, so don’t expect it to stay at a level. boot all the time.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of having a pre-made deck is ease. If you’d rather jump into the game and shoot a few Riddens, then choosing a pre-made deck is the easiest way to do it. You don’t need to understand how cards work or prioritize certain cards in your deck, which means you can just jump into the game you know and love.

What is also very useful is how the cards generally complement each other. The decks themselves are relatively balanced, and the cards generally work well with each other, so you don’t have to worry about a random card wasting space in the deck.

The inconvenients

Perhaps the most obvious negative point is the lack of customization. Being a card game, you don’t get one that works well with your strengths and weaknesses, which can cause you to lose some cards that would be perfect for your playstyle.

There’s also the idea that you might end up getting used to a deck that just isn’t strong enough for the level and difficulty you’re playing with. It’s easy to stick with just one deck thinking it’s perfect for you and blame other things when you die, but with a building deck you can constantly change.

What is better?

Back Selection of 4 blood cards

In the end, it’s an entirely personal decision. However, the best way to conduct this debate is essentially to side with both. As a beginner it is probably wise to play Back 4 Blood and understand how you play as a player, then you will know your weaknesses and strengths and therefore understand which cards are best suited for you.

Then, as you gain more experience, you can start by playing some decks and see what perks you can grant yourself. Just keep an eye out for the negatives.

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