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ByLinda W. Smith

Sep 28, 2021

Longmont decking and fencing company

As a local fence and patio construction company in Longmont, we have been providing top quality service for over twenty years to residential and commercial clients. We are experts in designing, designing, building and installing your fence and patio to create an outdoor space that you truly love.

We can build a beautiful fence that will enhance the look of your home or a chain link fence to provide privacy and pet enclosures at the most reasonable prices. Our decking and fencing experts can create a stunning deck that will showcase your outdoor space and make it the center of attention in your backyard or front yard.

What’s the best thing to do?

Our company is an industry leader in the design and construction of decks and fences on commercial and residential properties in Longmont. Whatever design you like and whether you are looking to build an old-fashioned wooden fence or a stylish modern deck for your garden or farm, our experts can design the perfect deck for you. Our customers can choose from a wide selection of options and can choose from a range of styles. Experts will also help you choose the best materials for your home. We can install a deck or fence of any size, regardless of its size or complexity.


Wooden decks are well known for their rustic appearance and cost efficiency. The patio builders we employ have years of experience designing and building wood decks. We only use the highest quality wood to create the perfect deck for your home. We offer regular maintenance services to ensure the maintenance of your patio.

Wooden fence

There are many alternatives for wood fencing like cedar, pine, and cypress redwood. They can be tailored to meet your needs and vision. Our patio builders will help you choose the option that best suits your needs. They can also guide you on the best way to keep it in good condition over time. We can assure you that we will build a wooden fence that will look great in your garden, yard or home.


Palisades are a well-known option that can enhance the elegance of your commercial or residential property. Picket fences can be built in any shape or size by our contractors. You can choose old-fashioned white wood fence, or modern and larger style, the design can be tailored to your preference.

Wire mesh fence

Chain link fences are a good choice if you have a commercial farm or animal shelter or a residence with a huge swimming pool that requires additional privacy and protection. We work closely with home and business owners to surround their property with a heavy-duty chain link fence for security, privacy and pet enclosure. Chain link fences are durable and require minimal maintenance. They also don’t need paint or weather protection.

Longmont residents trust affordable decking and fencing contractors

We provide top quality fence installation, patio planning and maintenance services at Longmont’s most affordable costs. Our team of experts will give you a full breakdown of the costs and services needed, along with an estimate of the time needed to complete the project and an in-depth consultation session on the various designs at no additional cost! We also provide an initial estimate to make sure you are relaxed and don’t have to worry about unforeseen costs.

We take your satisfaction seriously and will do everything we can to make sure your deck or fence matches the style of your home.

Why choose us for the installation of your fence and your patio?

For the past twenty years, over the past twenty years, we have offered unmatched fencing and decking services in Longmont, to both commercial and residential customers. To ensure the safety and security of our customers, we only use the highest quality equipment.

New customers receive a 10% discount on all fencing and patio installations. If you are not satisfied with the result, we will work with you to correct the problem until you are completely satisfied. Our designers will work with you in tandem to make sure the result matches your ideal.

You will be delighted with the services you get as well as the stress-free installation of your patio or fence.

Request a free quote

You can get a free quote today if you are curious about the price, design and layout or any other aspect of a new fence or deck. We will assess your property and give you specific feedback on the most efficient method of building a new fence / patio around it.

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