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Deck-Building Roguelike Dicey Dungeons is now available on Nintendo Switch

ByLinda W. Smith

Dec 17, 2020

While Among Us’s Nintendo Switch port managed to score high at Nintendo’s recent Indie World Showcase, a lesser-known but equally entertaining title has arrived on Switch as well. The Dicey Dungeons roguelike deckbuilding is available to play now on the handheld for $ 15, and it promises to be a great adventure.

Launched in its colorful launch trailer, the bizarre adventure of developers Terry Cavanagh and Distractionware was in full swing during the Switch trailer. Featuring heroic dice – The Warrior, The Inventor, and The Robot – against their foes – Wolf Puppy, Pirate, and Super Marshmallow – Dicey Dungeons’ in-game characters seemed almost thrilled to join the Switch catalog.

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The mechanics of the game allow you to control giant, traveling dice that fight in a changing dungeon controlled by Lady Luck. There are monsters waiting to be destroyed, loot to be discovered, and all of these are important in getting you in shape to fight the Goddess of Fortune. Strategy is key in Dicey Dungeons and must be delicately balanced against rolling the dice. The six cuboid characters each have their own unique abilities, including the inventor who destroys their own equipment after each fight in order to earn coins for more powerful gadgets.

Developer Terry Cavanagh, known for VVVVVV and Super Hexagon, gave Dicey Dungeons an elegant touch to set it apart from the rest. While its design isn’t for everyone, it’s certainly colorful and eye-catching, and seems to have a good pace for its turn-based battles. The humor and commendable soundtrack are the title’s strengths, making it easy to enjoy your trip amid its game show aesthetic. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with your characters, to see which personality matches your playstyle. Everyone will need a friend to help them navigate this upbeat title, which also promises a few twists along the way. .

One rogue-lite to watch out for is Roboquest, which recently entered its Steam Early Access. The FPS is slated for release next year – with no specific date confirmed – but it promises a healthy dose of co-op challenges and another killer soundtrack to enjoy – this time on the tech / grunge side.

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