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Simcoe Decks Chooses CAMO® For Faster, Better Deck Construction In A Pandemic And Softwood Shortage

ByLinda W. Smith

Apr 7, 2021

Simcoe bridges build up to 5 times faster with the CAMO Bridge Fastening System.

We exclusively use CAMO patio products now, because we want to offer the best to our customers. It’s an incredibly easy system for my crew to learn, and if we ever have a problem I know CAMO is backing us. – Michael Scott, Owner, Simcoe Decks

Michael Scott, owner of Simcoe Decks based in Barrie, Ontario, chose the CAMO Deck Fastening System to build decks faster and more efficiently for southern Ontario cottages. Michael and his team used CAMO’s MARKSMAN Pro® and Edge screws with a hand drill to fasten the edges to the sides of the deck boards and joist. Now they have been able to increase the speed of installation by adding CAMO’s DRIVE ™ stand-up tool, with three end clips for attaching edges, clips and faces.

Using the on-board attachment accessory included with the DRIVE, Michael’s crew installed decks faster while providing customers with the same craftsmanship they are proud of. Allowing for upright fixation, DRIVE offers the added benefit of bringing its workers to their knees, saving not only time but also pressure on their body.

Like most patio builders, the global pandemic and the tightening softwood market were straining his business and crew. Simcoe Decks had a lot of work to do, but needed to get it done more efficiently and quickly. With CAMO, they started building with steel frames, supplied by a local metal supply company while switching completely to composites.

As Michael continued to develop Simcoe Decks, he recognized that home owners were increasingly interested in low-maintenance composite decks and hidden fasteners. After experimenting with different brands and their exclusive clip systems, he discovered Deckorators grooved decks. To ensure the same level of constant spacing as their planks attached to the edges, Michael began researching a clip system that would create the same uniformity on every plank they installed.

“No one thought the clips could get any better until CAMO introduced the EDGE® clip,” said Michael. “After CAMO premiered its clips at Deck Expo, the bridge building community created a huge buzz. Once we saw them on Instagram, we reached out to our supplier and never looked back. ”

The CAMO EDGE clip (for 90 degree patterns) and EDGEX® clip (for any pattern) quickly became their go-to clips after they discovered they worked well with Deckorators grooved decks.

Now Simcoe Decks uses CAMO tools and fasteners on each deck, installing clips with their CAMO DRIVE tools and with hand drills using the NEVER-MISS ™ guide included in each bucket of CAMO clips. “We spend between 20 and 30 big buckets of clips per season, using them for just about any job,” Michael said.

As steel framed decks gained popularity during the lumber shortage of 2020, Michael began incorporating CAMO EDGEXMETAL® clips into his projects to maintain his competitive edge and easily secure into metal. He found that the EDGEXMETAL clips engaged in seconds with the metal frame and were ideal for creating an angular “X” inlay pattern on a patio in a ski resort Blue Mountains, Ontario.

Typically, deck boards are twisted or bent and need to be straightened before they are attached. The CAMO LEVER® tool can lock rows of boards and clips to single, double and metal joists in one turn. “Some boards were five or six inches apart, too tight for us to fit in a traditional clamp even if we reversed it, but we were able to fit in with the LEVER,” said Michael. With smaller teams, a contractor can speed up their installations by lining up rows of boards and locking them in place to secure them, while maintaining social distancing on the job site.

With the ability to build up to 5x faster with the CAMO Fastening System, Simcoe Decks has weathered 2020 and is now booked for 2021, ready to move from job to job with speed and efficiency.

“As a system, CAMO provides a hitch and a tool for every application,” he said. “We exclusively use CAMO products now because we want to offer the best to our customers,” explained Michael. “It’s an incredibly easy system for my crew to learn, and if we ever have a problem I know CAMO is there for us. ”

To learn more about CAMO’s deck fastening solutions, visit http://www.camofasteners.com

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