• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Time-lapse of the installation of the JLS beam on the pioneer spirit | Rigzone

Offshore contractor Allseas has posted a video of the main girders of the jacket lifting system being installed on their massive heavy lifting, dismantling and construction vessel, the Pioneering Spirit.

Allseas said that two and a half years after cutting the first steel, the two main beams of the Colossus Jacket Lift System (JLS) were put in place on the main deck of Pioneering Spirit.

Using a combination of SPMT layouts and skidding systems, one by one, the structures were aligned and pushed forward on the rear deck. The final installation of the last few meters, to position the main hinges between the hanging frames, was meticulous work with only a few millimeters of play on either side of the 13-meter-wide beams. In a time-lapse video, you can see the installation of the beams.

Allseas added that the most critical phase of the entire procedure was to align the four suspension eyes with the two main hinges of the beam to insert the 1.3 meter diameter hinge pins.

“To carry out this operation, the beams were placed on the same system of skids as that used to position the dome of the new security containment on the fourth Chernobyl reactor two years ago”, explains Florian Wasser, head of the projects of investment in Allseas. “With the ability to manipulate the position of thousands of tons in a few tens of millimeters, the spindles entered smoothly and precisely.

“It was at this precise moment that the design, manufacture and quality control of parts manufactured and assembled in South Korea, China, Austria, Italy, Poland, the United States and the Netherlands took place. all have been checked to the millimeter, ”he added. .

Allseas noted the assistance of Mammoet, his crew and his office who were all involved in completing the operation in half the expected time.

In addition to the beams, many other systems and components manufactured around the world have been finalized in recent months. These include the Carope ballast box frame in China, Asturfeito main lifting blocks in Spain, and Remazel grids in Italy, all en route to Rotterdam. The delivery of these elements launches the final installation phase on board the Pioneering Spirit.

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