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10 outdoor lighting products for your next installation

ByLinda W. Smith

Apr 15, 2022

Usually, when people think of the smart home, solutions like voice control, web thermostats, door locks, and large TVs come to mind first. But there are good reasons to think outside the box, or the walls of the house in this case, because the smart home also extends to entertainment and outdoor living.

Reflecting the growth of whole home audiovisual systems, home theater, networking and control solutions, the outdoor category has evolved rapidly. Today, integration professionals can deliver complete outdoor entertainment systems that rival traditional systems with features that include advanced networking capabilities, custom automation, and state-of-the-art sound and video. .

As the category continues to grow, more manufacturers are entering the space and new products are being developed to complement the outdoor entertainment experience. Some examples include exterior lighting and exterior shading solutions that provide expanded lifestyle zones.

We’ve compiled a sampling of outdoor products, from audiovisual to lighting. We’ll start with the latter category and post our picks for the audio and video categories in the near future.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Overview

Coastal source match lighting

Match Lights is said to combine the company’s proprietary lighting technologies with minimalist industrial design. Coastal Source explains that the product’s LED Gimbal provides complete light control, and the sealed, weatherproof construction protects the light module from weather and other elements.

Draper Outdoor Clutch Flexible Shade

Draper’s Flexible Outdoor Clutch Shade offers homeowners a convenient way to control outdoor light in a range of locations. Draper says integrators can use the product on their customers’ pools and patios, and they can also specify the product for commercial environments. The product is available in sizes up to 11 by 11 feet, and can be specified as ANSI/WCMA A100.1 compliant for areas with young children.

Environmental Lights Waterproof Tunable White 2216 TruColor LED Strip Light

UL listed, the TruColor 2216 LED Strip Light is a waterproof white dimmable solution that uses 2216 LEDs to provide high CRI. The product positions a very warm white 2400 Kelvin diode and a daylight white 6500 Kelvin diode next to each other to make it look like a single large LED is changing color as it goes. she is settled. The product is IP65 rated and offers up to 50,000 hours of operational life.

Hunter Douglas Patio Awnings

Hunter Douglas offers a line of exterior shade products that can visually enhance a variety of living spaces. Depending on the options specified, Hunter Douglas exterior shade products can block the sun to reduce glare on electronic screens, and they can provide high levels of privacy. Custom exterior shades can also be used in tandem with lighting systems to help control a home’s heating and energy costs.

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Shading Solutions J Geiger

J Geiger is a South Carolina-based residential and commercial shade products manufacturer who brings over a decade of experience to the category. The company offers multiple product lines to suit indoor and outdoor applications, and provides integrators with comprehensive support that includes design and the ability to order custom solutions. Additionally, J Geiger shades offer a choice of power and hardware options to allow integrators to meet all of their customers’ tint requirements.

Legrand Smart Outdoor Switch with GFCI

For use in residential or light commercial applications, the Smart Outdoor Switch is a simple solution for extending controls, including voice commands, to patios, decks and pools. In-app, the switch can be used to include outdoor lighting or other features such as fountains, creating scenes or schedules with existing home controls through a home’s wireless network. The GFCI switch includes automated options for energy savings, while providing reliable, code-compliant ground-fault protection, Legrand says.

Lumien Lighting Micro Series Distributed by Lighting BOSS

The Lumien Lighting Micro Series module distributed by Lighting BOSS is an integrated luminaire classified IP68. The company says the products offer quick-connect designs for easier setup and installation, and the company says the Micro Series module dissipates heat faster than MR16 lamps. The Micro Series is available in 3.5 and 5.5 watt versions, and the products are field serviceable.

Pergolas powered by Somfy systems

Adding shade to a home’s outdoor space is more convenient than ever with pergolas powered by Somfy systems. Thanks to Somfy’s motorization and control solutions, owners can protect their pergolas from the weather and they can easily operate their pergolas when they are outdoors. Somfy Systems offers a range of solutions, including sensors, remote controls and wireless interface products to help homeowners maximize their pergolas all year round.

Zen 2 Innovations Screen

The Zen 2 from Screen Innovations (SI) is an architecturally-focused motorized shading system available in a variety of colors and installs in a fraction of the time of traditional products, according to the company. SI offers the Zen 2 with a choice of cassette, roller or pocket cassette types, and the shades incorporate sliders for open roller and pocket installations. Additionally, SI offers the Zen 2 with a selection of fabric materials.

Sera Shade Series 2

Available in 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch screen sizes, Shade Series 2 outdoor TVs offer 4K resolutions and accompanying soundbars. IP56-rated TVs are ruggedized to withstand temperatures ranging from -24 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and are also rated to produce brightness levels as high as 700 nits.

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