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$12M growth round pitch platform from video ad company Kerv

ByLinda W. Smith

Jun 6, 2022

Austin, Texas-based startup Kerv raised $12 million in a growth round in May led by venture capital firm Trinity Capital Inc, bringing its total to $30 million since inception in 2017.

The startup, whose clients include Macy’s, Lexus and Apple, offers technology that makes video ads buyable. Kerv uses machine learning and AI to recognize items featured in advertisements, match items to a brand’s products, and insert links that people can click to purchase the product.

Kerv’s technology works with digital video,


television, and

social platforms

like TikTok. CEO Gary Mittman said his company also has a product that will allow advertisers and publishers to integrate product placements into TV shows. He’s banking on this product taking off as media companies like NBCUniversal and Amazon roll out the ability to digitally insert product placements.

“We’ve invested five years and millions of dollars building a platform that provides an innovative new solution for show monetization,” Mittman said.

Mittman said Kerv will use his new funds to expand his operations and media buying teams. The company will also use the money to improve a product placement feature that recognizes each show’s subject matter.

Here are the main slides from Kerv’s growth round investor game.

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