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2022-05-18 | NYSE:TREX | Press release

ByLinda W. Smith

May 18, 2022

11-inch foil-backed butyl tape protects structural integrity of critical connection point

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ask any contractor where a deck is most likely to fail and there’s a good chance they’ll point to the ledger. If not properly installed and protected, this single item can be the downfall of a deck structure. With this in mind, the makers of Trex® RainEscape® introduced Trex® Seal Ledger Tape, an 11” wide foil-backed butyl tape specifically designed for use on a deck’s ledger.

“We surveyed professional deck builders and in almost all cases they cited the ledger as the number one source of deck failures,” said Trex Founder Dave Kile.® RainEscape®, which manufactures Trex RainEscape and Trex Seal products. “They were also unanimous in their comments regarding the cause of the dashboard failure – moisture.”

Easily one of wood’s worst enemies, moisture is a recurring theme in ledger purlins. In most decking installations, there is a small gap left between the house and the decking that allows water to seep through and onto the ledger, where it can collect and penetrate the wood, eventually causing the rot. Additionally, the natural expansion and contraction of wood over time can weaken, split and deteriorate the ledger board.

Protecting the sill plate with proper flashing is essential to ensure the structural integrity and longevity of a deck. However, because traditional metal flashing attaches to the home with nails or screws, water can still seep through the screw holes and into the wood, causing it to rot and rust. screw. For waterproofing, flashing tape is significantly better because it is self-adhesive and creates a tight seal on boards and around hardware.

Trex Seal, when used as part of a Trex RainEscape system installation, takes ledger flashing to a whole new level by combining the best performance features of metal and tape flashing in one. easy to use product. Reinforced with an aluminum liner, the 11”-wide tape covers the entire surface of the ledger panel and creates a seamless seal on all gaps between the ledger and the deck substructure for optimal protection against damage. moisture and water penetration.

Designed specifically for decking applications, both in function and size, Trex Seal features a 5.5” dual release liner that allows installers to bend it and put it in place without it folding like other flashing tapes. It is AAMA 711-13 compliant and its 11” width replaces the need to use multiple strips of tape, saving valuable time on the jobsite.

“Trex Seal offers a superior alternative to traditional ledger flashing,” Kile explained. with its easy-to-apply design, there is no reason for a deck to be vulnerable to the elements and premature failure.”

Trex Seal expands the strong portfolio of offerings from the world’s leading high-performance composite decking brand. Other products include Trex Protect Joist & Beam Tape, Trex® Protect Rim Joist Tape and the Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage System. All four products are designed to prevent moisture penetration and premature deterioration of wood substructures and can be used with any decking material.

For more information about Trex Seal, visit https://trexseal.com.

About Trex Company, Inc.

Trex Company, Inc. [NYSE: TREX] is the world’s largest manufacturer of high performance wood alternative decking and railing, with nearly 30 years of product experience. The #1 Outdoor Living Brand is proud to have been named by Forbes’ 2021 list of America’s Best Midsize Companies and Fortune Magazine’s 2020 list of the World’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies. Stocked in over 6,700 locations worldwide, Trex outdoor living products offer a wide range of style options with less ongoing maintenance requirements than wood, as well as a truly eco-friendly choice of the environment. For more information, visit trex.com. You can also follow Trex on Twitter (@Trex_Company), Instagram (@trexcompany), Pinterest (trexcompany) or Houzz (trexcompany-inc), “like” Trex on Facebook (@TrexCompany) or view product and demo videos at the brand’s YouTube channel (TheTrexCo).

About Trex® RainEscape®Trex® Protect and Trex® Seal

Trex® RainEscape®Trex® Protect and Trex® Seal Products are manufactured and sold by IBP, LLC under a trademark license agreement with Trex Company, Inc. RainEscape is a federally registered trademark of IBP, LLC. A 20 year limited warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

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