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3 Dream Deck Building Products That Avoid Exorbitant Wood Prices | Articles

AAccording to a recent survey on the latest trends in outdoor living, home improvement professionals and patio builders told Qualified Remodeler magazine that “everyone is thinking of building something bigger, better, stronger and wider ”and that“ owners are asking for bigger and bigger, more personalized decks. The allure of larger, retreat-worthy terraces should come as no surprise given the unhindered enthusiasm for outdoor living that has swept the country in a particularly unprecedented year.

If you also dream of building a sprawling patio to relax in this summer, first think about what type of building materials you will need to undertake the project. Lumber has been the traditional bridge building material of choice, largely for its low initial cost and familiarity. However, the spate of sawmill closures in the spring of 2020 has wreaked havoc on the construction industry supply chain, pushing up lumber prices. The explosion of outdoor living has only increased the price. In fact, industry findings from April 2021 indicated that lumber prices hit a record high of $ 1,048 per thousand board feet, an increase of nearly 200% since the start of the year. the pandemic. Demand for the commodity is only expected to increase during the peak months of outdoor living.

Don’t let historically high wood prices drain your wallet or a shortage of materials put your patio project on hold altogether. Innovative manufacturers offer alternative offerings to wood that deliver weather resistance, premium performance, and unmatched customization capabilities. Consider these three alternative building products before you break the bank building the patio of your dreams.

1. Composite decking

One of the many attractions of today’s composite decking is that they emulate the aesthetics and richness of natural wood grain that standard wood deck boards provide, but lack the propensity to sag. warp, crack or deteriorate over time. Because it is incredibly tough and can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it, it will stand strong and look great under your feet, wherever you are at home, from snow-capped mountain landscapes to dry desert landscapes. the sun. Plus, composite deck boards are designed to outlast traditional wood decks. Major brands offer products that can last 25 years or more, making these readily available boards a long-lasting and profitable purchase when you consider the longevity of the product. With its impressive wood emulation and durable composition, composite decks are a smart choice for decking projects.

2. Steel bridge frame

Once the surface planks have been selected, it’s time to think about where your planks will rest. While pressure-treated lumber is often the de facto material of choice for framing decks, soaring lumber prices and availability issues are now highlighting alternatives such as steel. Strong and durable, many are beginning to recognize the performance of steel as a subset of a patio system. “Because today’s wood deck boards are built to last for decades, homeowners want durable framing materials that can match the longevity of their surface boards,” said Toby Bostwick, vice president of products. and the brand at Fortress Building Products. “The benefits of purchasing a steel framing system make a lot of sense from an investment standpoint, especially when considering the longevity of materials, ongoing maintenance costs and the current rate. of the treated wood market. “

Steel framing will also eliminate the problems associated with moisture absorption, one of the most common reasons wood frame decks begin to show signs of decay. In fact, steel is resistant to most tangible threats, including rot and rot, fungi, pests (like termites), and weathering. In application, this means that the steel frame profiles will keep the surface panels flat and smooth under your feet, thus protecting your investment. Not only does the steel framing provide a durable support for your chosen deck boards, it also delivers a modern, upscale aesthetic that is increasingly in demand. While the rising price of pressure-treated lumber and the current lumber shortage will certainly influence framing trends this summer, the shift in mindset may be permanent, given steel’s impressive performance.

3. Aluminum railing

While it’s certainly natural to turn to a familiar railing material like wood when finishing your patio project, an aluminum system can bring strength and personality to a larger patio at a price. affordable. A fully customizable railing system, Fortress Building Products Al¹³ HOME ™ aluminum panels can be customized with a range of infill options – including cable and glass inserts – to suit the vision behind the terrace of your dreams. Additionally, the system comes with an Accent Top Rail (ATR) and cap rail clips, and is dressed in a multi-layered anti-corrosion powder coating for a hassle-free solution. Not only does this ensure long-lasting style and security around the perimeter of a patio, but it also helps create a finished patio structure that requires very little maintenance. For your peace of mind, the ramp is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. With its dreamy customization capabilities and solid warranty, this readily available aluminum railing solution is something your family can “fall back on” this summer.

Build a bigger, better and stronger deck now

With today’s alternative wood building products at your fingertips, there’s no need to put your decking project on hold until debilitating lumber prices recede. Instead, you can ‘spruce up’ your larger-than-life outdoor living space with dreamy solutions that deliver lasting performance and style.

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