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AtlasIED’s new SHS-3T2-HD solves installation problems in shallow and hard ceilings – rAVe [PUBS]

ByLinda W. Smith

Jun 6, 2022

Phoenix, AZ – June 6, 2022 – Building on the popularity of the Strategically Hidden Speaker (SHS) family of multi-function loudspeakers and responding to integrators’ demand to install its high-quality sound capabilities in tight spaces, AtlasIED now offers the SHS-3T2- HD.

Featuring a curved profile, AtlasIED designed the SHS-3T2-HD specifically for use in shallow, hard ceilings that cannot accommodate the larger plenum footprint of the SHS-6T2 or SHS-3T2. This simple-to-install, low-profile, low-profile audio solution is made even more powerful by AtlasIED’s adaptive dispersion lens technology, which consists of a three-inch-diameter lens and micro trim ring.

The SHS-3T2-HD extends the high-quality sound capabilities of the company’s Strategically Hidden (SHS) line to a wider range of commercial environments. Comprising the SHS-3T2-HD, SHS-6T2, SHS-3T2 and SHS-LF, the SHS family now offers a solution for any space, providing design continuity and a full range of high-quality audio in the assembly of an installation.

Healthcare, hospitality and corporate facilities can now operate the AtlasIED Z Series all-in-one digital sound masking, background music and paging system. The SHS-3T2 and SHS-3T2-HD seamlessly integrate with the Z-Series Z2-B and Z4-B High Definition Acoustic Systems, providing fast connections through the use of CAT5 cables. These Bluetooth-enabled Z-Series models feature built-in pink and white noise generators for sound masking applications, as well as mic/line input for paging and multiple zones to accommodate a variety installation configurations.

Besides excellent fidelity, all SHS loudspeakers can be customized to maximize aesthetic continuity. AtlasIED’s DesignLab™ color-matching process uses high-resolution UV printing technology to replicate the color and texture of the ceiling onto the SHS lens so the speakers blend seamlessly into the most difficult-to-match environments .

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