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British Columbia Honors Top Infrastructure Contractors

ByLinda W. Smith

Dec 6, 2021

Lafarge Canada received the 2021 BC Award of Excellence for Grading for its work on the Highway 1 Lower Lynn and Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvement Project.
(Image: BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure via flickr.com.)

A dozen BC Transportation Contractor of the Year Excellence Awards were presented last week, recognizing the companies behind some of the most important transportation and infrastructure projects in the province over the past two years.

The ceremony of the year featured double the usual number of winners, as no awards were given last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, awards were presented at this year’s ceremony for 2020 and 2021 in the following categories: occupational health and safety, bridges and structures, grading, paving, community service, and road and bridge maintenance.

“As the past few weeks have shown, British Columbians can always count on the province’s heavy construction industry to step in when they need it most,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “Although these are annual awards, it is especially important this year for us to recognize those entrepreneurs who tirelessly maintain our province’s highways and roads. The expertise and resilience of the winners and nominees are greatly appreciated.

Health and security at work

Lafarge Canada Inc. received the 2020 Occupational Health and Safety Award for its initiative to reduce collisions with ground personnel. By introducing a lighting system that provides a red line of light surrounding the asphalt paving rollers and mandating the use of a helmet lighting system for on-site technicians, Lafarge was able to reduce by 37 % reported incidents, first aid incidents in 41% and suffered no reportable injuries in 2020.

Norland Limited won the 2021 award in this category, for its development of an online training portal that has helped significantly reduce workplace injuries. The portal provides workers in all parts of the company with consistent communication about organizational and safety policies, programs, procedures and expectations.

Bridges and structures

Coquitlam Ridge Constructors Ltd. won the 2021 award in the bridges and structures category.
(Image: BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure via flickr.com.)

The 2020 Award of Excellence for Bridges and Structures went to Dorosh Construction Ltd. for his work on the Carolin Bridge. Dorosh resurfaced the bridge deck, installed new bearings and paved the approaches to this important connection on Coquihalla (Highway 5).

Its traffic management plan accommodated oversized loads and travelers on this critical route during construction.

Coquitlam Ridge Constructors Ltd. won the 2021 award for its work on the Cortiana Bridge. This project included the construction of a new 10-meter two-lane bridge, the replacement of culverts and the reconstruction of road approaches in a difficult location; Highway 6 in the Monashee Mountains.

Coquitlam Ridge Constructors has also strived to address environmental challenges, construction delays caused by record water flows, construction difficulties in waterways, and unexpected geotechnical conditions.


Copcan Civil Ltd. won the grading award in 2020. The company was recognized for its work on the 93/95 Intersection Improvement Project at Radium Hot Springs.

The work included replacing the four-lane stop, which caused heavy congestion and long delays during peak periods, with a roundabout to ensure efficient and safe traffic in the community.

The 2021 Leveling Award was presented to Lafarge Canada Inc. for its work on the Highway 1 Lower Lynn and Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvement Project.

Lafarge’s construction included a new five-lane underpass, a realignment of the road, reconstruction of a ramp and intersection, relocation of a creek, and construction of various lanes, bridges and ramps. .

Expertise in traffic management was required, with more than 120,000 vehicles circulating on the site daily.


All Roads Construction Ltd. won the 2020 Asphalt Paving Award for its asphalt resurfacing work on Highway 1 from Willingdon to Gaglardi. In addition to the asphalt pavement, the project included milling, paving, utility adjustments, barrier removal and replacement, as well as re-establishing track lines and reflectors.

The 2021 paving award winner was Dawson Construction. He was awarded for a project with two sites. The first was located on Hwy 97 up to 100 Mile House. This work was carried out at night on a limited schedule to minimize disruption to travelers. The second site was 122 Mile to Enterprise Road, just north of Lac La Hache.

Dawson Construction also donated some of the remaining asphalt to pave a four-kilometer road to the local ski resort.

Public Service

In recognition of his continued contributions to providing access to the facilities of the Nechako Valley Exhibition Society and the Murray Ridge Ski Area and Snow Park, the 2020 Community Service Award has been presented to Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Vanderhoof) Ltd . Yellowhead offers its resources and equipment to ensure the road leading to the ski resort and the park, as well as its large parking lots, are cleared of snow and safe for the community.

The 2021 Community Service Award went to Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting LP. Since 2011, Mainroad has supported Critter Care Wildlife Society to provide food for the animals, develop better housing, strengthen enclosures and educate the community about the society. Mainroad also supplied and modified a shipping container to use for the company’s laundromat and hired a local graffiti artist to paint the exterior of the container.

Maintenance of roads and bridges

The 2020 Road and Bridge Maintenance Award went to Dawson Road Maintenance for its work in the southern Cariboo region. Dawson Road Maintenance maintains 5,873 kilometers of roads, four rest areas, approximately 180 bridges, avalanche and rockfall areas, and an indoor ferry.

Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Nicola) Ltd. received the 2021 award for the maintenance of roads and bridges for its works in the Nicola region. Yellowhead is responsible for approximately 3,400 kilometers of roads, 168 bridges, the Lytton Reaction Ferry, and a snow guard. It also manages major road links through the high elevation mountain passes of the Lower Mainland to the interior of British Columbia.

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