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Chucklefish reveals Roguelike Wildfrost is coming to Switch and PC Winter 2022

ByLinda W. Smith

May 11, 2022


From the publisher that brought you Stardew Valley comes a brand new deck-building roguelike title called Wildfrost. Heading into Nintendo Switch and PC Winter 2022, this new Chucklefish Games adventure sees players build a deck of charming companions and powerful elemental items to reclaim a world that has fallen into the Wildfrost.

You can check out the Wildfrost trailer, along with some game details and features, below:

In Wildfrost, players will build a deck of charming companions and powerful elemental items in an effort to reclaim a world that has fallen to the Wildfrost. Only the small civilization of Snowdwell and the remaining survivors are the last bastion against an eternal winter. Use strategy and card-building skills to reach the Temple of the Sun and banish the Wildfrost once and for all!

Throughout the game, players will have the ability to recruit new card companions and gift them with charms to enhance their powers, giving players the edge in battles. Return to Snowdwell after each run and rebuild the town, unlock more maps, and encounter new challenges and events for an adventure that has endless replayability.

Wildfrost Features:

  • A perfect mix of deckbuilding and adventure, wild frost lets you test your card battle skills as you fight to banish an eternal winter.
  • Choose your “leader” from a variety of different tribes that offer random stats and skills.
  • Use the dynamic “counter” system to get the upper hand on enemies and frosty monsters!
  • Each encounter will offer new cards and a new way to approach each battle. How you craft each fight is up to you!
  • Endless replayability with new daily challenges and courses.

Wildfrost will be released in winter 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch. For more information, visit the game’s official website.

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