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Cryptozoic’s Shahriar Fouladi Talks DC’s Deck-Building Game and Flash Kickstarter Injustice, Rebirth Backlash, and More

ByLinda W. Smith

May 11, 2022

DC Deck-Building Game Celebrates 10 Years and Cryptozoic Ends Its Successful Kickstarter Campaign for the DC Deck-Building Game 10th Anniversary Kickstarter which includes Injustice Gods Among Us and The Flash vs Reverse-Flash Rivals box as well as DC Bombshells Crossover Pack, Multiverse Boxes, and more. The campaign is always adding new elements to enhance the experience, and if you’re still not sure if you should jump in, you’ve come to the right place. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to speak to Cryptozoic Entertainment Director of Development and Marketing, Shahriar Fouladi, about Kickstarter as well as DC Deck-Building Game’s 10-year run, how far we’ve come, why they chose Injustice and The Flash, and more.

The game has come a long way over the 10-year journey, though the core elements that made it so compelling in the first place have remained, including a dedication to the DC Universe and all the beloved characters who are there. “What hasn’t changed is that we try to stay true to IP. Everyone at Cryptozoic, we’re super DC fans. One of our founders, John Nee, he worked for Warner Brothers. He was one of the founders of Wildstorm with Jim Lee. So the comic book DNA is kind of in the building. You walk in, there’s like a giant joker statue. We’ve got an original Hawkman painting. So DC is just in our DNA. And I feel like that never changed with the DC Deck-Building Game,” Fouladi said. “We have super fans who are the designers of the game, and then we have super fans working on it, whether it’s editing or whatever. So it’s just a matter of finding new innovations. It’s an interesting balance, isn’t it? Because you want to give the fans something new, but you don’t want to change it too much, which I don’t know if you’ve played Rebirth or not.”

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As someone who loved Rebirth’s co-op spin on the game, it’s a shame to hear that it doesn’t seem to have resonated with the wider community, but the good news is that there are still products in the pipeline. preparation for those of us. who appreciated. “So Rebirth was very hit and miss with people because it was too different for a lot of people. So we had big plans for Rebirth and we’ll probably do more things for Rebirth, but on a smaller scale, but there was enough fans who absolutely didn’t like it. They’re like, you’re trying to turn our Deck Building game into a board game and add these elements that shouldn’t be there. We may not have sued that’s as much as going back to the drawing board and kind of revisiting what fans loved about the original games,” Fouladi said.

“And our lead game designer right now on these games, Nathaniel Yamaguchi, he loves that, so we’re definitely planning to come up with some Rebirth-related stuff in the near future,” Fouladi said. “It might just be direct sales. It might not be something we sell in stores. It might be a new storyline that we sell directly to fans just because we appreciate the people who loved it. , and we know they’re out there and we know people hate it too, so.”

As for Injustice and The Flash, COVID and the pandemic delayed their plans, and when things got pushed, they saw a chance to improve on both and go all out for them. This resulted in the creation of original artwork for some of the cards, totaling 30 original card artwork in all. Plus, they’ve gone all-in with hard-to-find promo cards and neat artwork for the new Multiverse boxes.

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“They look really cool. I mean, we also use the art of the comics. The comics based on the video game. We had the cover of the Injustice Kickstarter version drawn by an artist named Well-Bee , who worked with Alex Ross and others,” Fouladi said. “I’ve worked with him on other projects before, and the new multiverse boxes, we commissioned original box art for those. There’s going to be a superhero version and a super-villain version, which are basically the same inside. But we figured some fans want two multiverse boxes, one for maybe the Rivals collection, one for whatever they want to do. So we thought we’d give people a couple options on that because the old multiverse box is basically sold out so that was one thing we definitely did for the anniversary we’re like, we need to make a new multiverse box and make it bigger and better and listen to the fans.

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“And then with Injustice, it was like we had maybe 20 or 30 promo cards for DC Deck-Building Game. It’s not that much, and with Kickstarter, we have way more than Kickstarter. exclusive cards. There will be a lot of cards that you can only get on the Kickstarter through stretch goals. These will be retail, but we’re blasting it. There’s going to be so much cool content for fans, and it’s a party for the fans. We kind of slowed down a bit, but the fans never did. They continued, when is the next DC Deck-Building game coming out? When’s the next expansion? When And Then With COVID, it made things really messy and slowed us down, but we wanted a way to thank the fans for sticking with us and celebrating them and celebrating that we love DC. We love the series of games. I mean, in 10 years, we’ve changed quite a bit of staff, so we have people working in the company now who were DC Deck-Building Game fans who were then hired years later in life,” Fouladi said.

“10 years is a long time, so along with Epic Spell Wars, these are our two biggest franchises,” Fouladi said. “Obviously DC Deck-Building Game is our biggest, but Epic Spell Wars is our biggest original IP. But it’s the fans we’re trying to serve and we’re trying to make products they love. We hope so the fans are excited.”

You can view the full Kickstarter campaign here. Let us know if you jump into the Kickstarter in the comments, and as always, you can talk all things tabletop, DC, and comics with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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