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DC Deck-Building Game 10th Anniversary Injustice and Flash Rivals Kickstarter Now Live

ByLinda W. Smith

Apr 13, 2022

Cryptozoic Entertainment’s fantastic DC Deck-Building Game is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and it’s set to grow for the big occasion with a new Kickstarter campaign. The DC Deck-Building Game 10th Anniversary Kickstarter includes two new additions to the series in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Rivals – The Flash vs. Reverse-Flash, as well as a slick multiverse box in the Super Heroes and Super-Villains versions, and you can find the campaign here. The $70 Injustice For All tier gets you Injustice and Rivals (with all stretch goals), while the $135 Welcome to the Multiverse tier gets you Injustice, Rivals, Super-Villains Multiverse Box, and Super-Villains playmat.

If you support the DC DBG Super Fan tier, you’ll get Injustice, Rivals, the Heroes and Villains multiverse boxes, and the Super-Villains and Injustice playmats. Injustice gives you 190 cards and 9 character cards and uses the Brawl system, while Rivals comes with 99 cards and 6 character cards, using the Rivals system. You can find the official descriptions for everything below.

(Photo: Cryptozoic)

DC Deck-Building Game: Injustice immerses you in the world of the hit video game and comic book Injustice: Gods Among Us as Batman and his insurgents do battle against a tyrannical Superman. Using Brawl’s version of the Cerberus Engine, players land devastating blows and block their opponents’ strikes. The Kickstarter Exclusive cover is by renowned artist Well-Bee (Marvels x, The No Ones) and the game cards feature extraordinary original artwork by six talented Altercomics.net artists as well as artwork straight from the Injustice comics .

DC Deck-Building: Rivals – The Flash vs. Reverse-Flash brings you into the high-speed battle between the iconic rivals. Each player has three unique Character cards, each with more formidable abilities and a higher cost than the previous one. Players use the cards in their hands and special abilities like “Speedster” to buy cards and compete until The Flash or Reverse-Flash dominates!

The new DC Deck-Building Game: Multiverse Box is available in both a Super-Villains Edition with a Kickstarter-exclusive cover showing some of the greatest villains in DC comics history and a Super Heroes Edition with a cover. showing DC’s most famous heroes. . Featuring the original cover by artist Omar Francia (Legends of the Dark Knight, Doom Patrol), these storage boxes for your collection are designed to hold sleeved cards and feature a row specifically for oversized cards. It includes a Crossover Pack that uses your entire collection!

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