• Thu. May 12th, 2022

DC Deck-Building Game Crossover Collection Includes Birds of Prey and More

Cryptozoic’s DC Deck-Building game is one of the best tabletop superhero experiences, and now a new collection brings together three classic crossover packs in one convenient place. The Crossover 1 collection includes The Rogues, Birds of Prey, and New Gods, and each set introduced new mechanics to the game and is playable with any base game from the DC Deck-Building Game series. The Crossover Collection will hit stores in early 2022 and retail for $ 29.99, and if you pre-order now you can pick up some exclusive promo cards to boot, and you can see the collection up close from the slide. next.

The Rogues focuses on the Flash’s greatest villains and lets you play as characters like Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and more. You’ll also find the new Teamwork keyword, which allows you to play the top card of another player’s deck. The Birds of Prey set features heroes like Huntress, Batwoman, and Oracle, and introduces a new feature called Card Rotation, which allows players to rate their cards, including current cards.

There’s also the New Gods set, which features heroes like Orion, Big Barda, and Mister Miracle, and also features Homeworlds cards and the new Protector keyword. Players seek to conquer Homeworlds in the Homeworld deck, heading towards the ultimate goal of conquering Apokolips or New Genesis, and a Protector card can thwart an invasion of your Homeworld if you have one on hand.

You can check out the official Crossover Collection Description below and find out how to play the DC Deck-Building game here.

In Crossover Pack 5: The Rogues, you become a Super-Villain who always has help at hand, thanks to “Teamwork”. This keyword found on many cards allows you to play the top card of another player’s deck. The code “honor among thieves” generally applies here, as the player assisting you gets a share of the action.

In Crossover Pack 6: Birds of Prey, you can play as the main all-female covert ops team founded by Black Canary and Oracle. A brand new innovation in this expansion is card rotation. Many card effects, including Super Heroes, allow players to rotate their cards and earn bonuses.

Finally, in Crossover Pack 7: The New Gods, you can play as Super Heroes living on New Genesis or Super-Villains residing on Apokolips. There are two piles of HOMEWORLD cards, each with a special ability that all players can enjoy. If you’re Darkseid, you’re looking to conquer New Genesis … but so are your fellow villains. Super Heroes, on the other hand, compete to conquer Apokolips.

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