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Death Drive is an upcoming zombie survival and deck-building road trip

ByLinda W. Smith

Jun 10, 2022

Shotx showcased Death Drive and its zombie survival RPG gameplay at the Freedom Games 2022 showcase.

Road trips can be exhilarating, but probably more so when the world is over and you’re doing everything in your power to survive what’s left and rebuild it into some semblance of civilization. That’s the premise behind Death Trip, a zombie survival RPG from developer Shotx with deck-building elements as you try to help the remnants of humanity return from the apocalypse.

Shotx presented a major look at Death Drive during the Freedom Games 2022 showcase on June 10, 2022. The game places players in the role of a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. You’ll gather other survivors to build a caravan, set off amidst the desolate world, try to uncover the truth behind the zombie outbreak, and try to rebuild the shattered remnants of living humanity into something resembling civilization. Along the way, you will make decisions about which survivors will stay with you and which will be left behind, being wary of who might betray you and who will serve as a reliable ally. You’ll also engage in card-based combat where keycards and actions related to them could save you in a fight with disgusting zombie mutations.

Death Drive appears to feature a number of interesting gameplay tools as players seek to survive in its world. We see a map with various icons moving in real time alongside the player’s caravan, including encounters with hordes of zombies and points of interest to explore. Other looks show camp management where the player will maintain the sanity and health of other survivors under your care. As you explore, you will use different cards such as Pistol Shot and Inner Might to provide offensive and defensive actions when fighting with various zombie creatures.

Searching the map could provide the player with some beneficial opportunities in Death Drive.  It could also lead to dangerous encounters.
Searching the map could provide the player with some beneficial opportunities in Death Drive. It could also lead to dangerous encounters.

Death Drive does not currently have a release window, but can be found on Steam now where it can be added to wishlists. Stay tuned for more details, including game release dates, as they become available.

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