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Deck building software designed for the professional dealer

ByLinda W. Smith

May 11, 2021

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Deck Planner Software ™ is a completely free web design solution to help lumber yards, contractors and homeowners design dreamy backyards quickly and easily. With 3D software, design guides and a built-in user tutorial, Deck Planner Software provides a suite of intuitive tools and resources for designing and building decks, pergolas and other living spaces. stronger and more beautiful exteriors. With this free web-based deck planning software, you don’t have to worry about complicated downloads or license management. Simply design the deck, print the permit submission pages and go.

Simpson Strong-Tie Bridge Planning Software.

Deck Planner software also gives you customers with its dealer location option which lists the lumberyards of the nearest professional dealers within a five mile radius of the user’s zip code, included as part of the outing. standard report and material list of all products needed to build the deck project. Easy to use, Deck Planner software highlights critical connections for building a strong and secure deck and recommends the appropriate hardware based on the custom design. Users can design in 2D or 3D environments, choose from pre-built deck models, or use the deck shaping tools to insert specific deck dimensions. For more information or to start using Deck Planner software today, visit strongtie.com/ bridge planner.

Simspson Strong-Tie Deck Design Software
Simspson Strong-Tie Deck Planner Software

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