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DeLorean Motor Company teases a new electric sports car

ByLinda W. Smith

Apr 5, 2022

DeLorean Motor Company has unveiled a teaser of its first all-electric sports car ahead of its Pebble Beach debut in August, marking the return of the iconic nameplate from the original doomed 1980s project for a new generation.

Notorious for the controversy surrounding John DeLoren’s downfall after he was accused of smuggling $24 million in narcotics into the US, it led to the collapse of the UK government-backed DeLorean Motor Company , despite the fact that the original DeLorean DMC-12 rose to fame in the film franchise Back to the future.

Today’s DeLorean bears little resemblance to the old, with the revival of the brand by Stephen Wynne who bought the rights to the company in 1995 and established a new headquarters in San Antonio, Texas – a far cry from the Belfast suburbs where the original DMC was located.

DeLorean’s new era, unsurprisingly, finds its base as an electric sports car manufacturer, where it has again partnered with ItalDesign to create a modern electric sports car with more than a few nods to DMC. -12.

This partnership with ItalDesign should bring benefits to the fledgling electric vehicle maker, giving gravity to a model embarking on a sea of ​​new-era electric car startups and companies. Very little technical information has been revealed by DeLorean so far, but we do know that its shape will be loosely inspired by the original, with a compact two-seat coupe body defined by gullwing doors. It will also reinvent the DMC-12’s slatted rear window and a silver launch color inspired by the original’s stainless steel body.

The rest of the car should also exploit a more contemporary and curvaceous design language, rather than an obvious pastiche of late 1970s motifs. The black roof instantly informs a more modern design, as well as a rising window design and slim LED lighting graphics. As seen in the closing lines seen on the rear deck, the new DeLorean will also feature an active rear spoiler, which itself creates a completely different silhouette to the iconic original.

Where the new DeLorean will stand against other electric sports cars is yet to be confirmed, but given the nature of the brand and the previous DMC-12’s focus on affordability, it’s unlikely to happen. This is a seven-figure electric hypercar in the dawn of the Lotus. Evija or Pininfarina Battista.

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