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DEME acquires Eidesvik installation vessel

ByLinda W. Smith

Jan 12, 2022

DEME has reached an agreement with Eidesvik for the acquisition of the offshore installation vessel DP3 Viking Neptune, with the transaction due to be finalized in the later months of this year, as the ship is currently working under a contract with Havfram.

Viking Neptunethe large, unobstructed deck and a 400-tonne active-lift compensated knuckle boom crane make it is ideal for the construction of floating wind farms, according to the future owner of the vessel, who also plans to further increase its capacity for cable installation operations.

The 145-meter vessel, which currently has a hub capable of handling 4,500 tonnes of cables below deck, is expected to be fitted with a 7,000-tonne hub on deck once it joins the Belgian specialist in the field. offshore construction, already owner of a DP3. cable installation vessel, Living stone.

“The acquisition of a second large cable ship ensures that we are ready to meet their current and future needs, and that we are playing a proactive role in helping to facilitate the energy transition. Since its introduction, our DP3 offshore installation vessel ‘Living Stone’ has made its mark on the industry, with unmatched capabilities. We are confident that ‘Viking Neptun’ will have an equally impressive career in the DEME fleet and this underlines our efforts to meet and exceed the demands of our customers. “, noted Hugo bouvy, Managing Director of DEME Offshore.

According to DEME, Viking Neptune Also fully complies with the latest emissions standards and features the latest environmental technologies, including a battery for optimum energy efficiency and more sustainable operations.

For Eidesvik, the sale of Viking Neptune is expected to reverse around NOK 240 million (around € 24 million) of the vessel’s previous write-downs in fourth quarter 2021 results. Additionally, once the transaction is finalized, Eidesvik expects to record a capital gain on the sale approx. NOK 150 million (approx. € 15 million). Once the deal is signed, Eidesvik’s liquidity position is expected to improve by around NOK 330 million (around € 33 million) from the sale, according to the company.

“The sale will significantly strengthen the company’s financial position and allow us to strengthen our strategic focus on pioneering new emissions reduction technologies in our fleet. There is considerable market interest in our state-of-the-art vessel projects and we will continue to develop our offerings of climate-friendly and environmentally friendly solutions for offshore vessel operations ”, noted Gitte Gard Talmo, President and CEO of Eidesvik Offshore.

Viking Neptune has been working in the offshore wind sector for several years, in particular on the German offshore wind farms Wikinger and Merkur.

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