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Dungeon Brah – The New South African Deck Building Card Game For Destroying Friendships

ByLinda W. Smith

Jun 24, 2021

There is a new bridge building dungeon exploration game on the horizon in South Africa. Dungeon Brah aims to destroy your friendship with one hand of rather elegant cards. If the art of this game sounds familiar to you, you are not crazy. Dungeon Brah was produced by none other than Louis Du Pisani of Boet Fighter. This means that you can expect the same humor and beautifully drawn new satirical characters in this new card game.

Louis Du Pisani shared with me some information regarding the game and how it became a reality. He says he always wanted to make a card game and Dungeon Brah was actually in development before Boet fighter. Plus, the game’s early concepts didn’t actually include any art and were tested using paper.

Du Pisani’s approach to Dungeon Brah was to create the game using over-the-top humorous characters and from what I saw of the game it wasn’t kidding. All the art was also meant to belong together so that the overall design of each card would merge into the next. Does the game feel like its own universe and hopefully the start of a new franchise with expansions to come?

Dungeon Brah was also created just for the love of it and apparently making a deckbuilding game was something Du Pisani always wanted to do. Kind of a bucket list story here. It’s so easy to learn you can teach it to a drunk in under 2 minutes, he says. We’ll have to put that to the test someday. Besides, Dungeon Brah also has enough depth that players can spend a fair amount of time and understand their own meta-gameplay as well.

With all that said, the game wants you to fight with your friends more than anything else. Those of you who play card games will know how lively some game nights can be. Dungeon Brah is just this game too.

South African Dungeon Brah Deck Building Card Game

The gist of the game is as follows; Players roam a dungeon trying to loot it while avoiding a Cathulhian beast named Kevin. The goal is to get in, survive the onslaught of oversized insane monsters and get out of the dungeon while leaving the corpses of your friends behind.

Dungeon Brah is played with 2-4 players. Each player starts with two characters. Along the way, you lose and gain new ones, but there are several classes and characters, each with their own perks and stats. I’m not going to spoil them just yet. Cards in Dungeon Brah varies between weapons players use to fight, action cards that help you complete good or bad tasks, gear that makes your character stronger, and world enchantments that completely change the rules of the game in your favor.

Then we have Kevin’s monsters roaming the dungeon. If you shoot one, you must beat it or banish it. Beating them gives you treasure, but if you can’t beat them, destroy them using other cards. However, you would want to beat them so you can get the sweet loot. But it also means having the right equipment. Gear also has its own unique systems. Weapons help kill things and fair equipment comes in parts that you need to build.

South African Dungeon Brah Deck Building Card Game

This, just like any RPG, is an exercise in avoiding the creepy until you are strong enough to fight the creepy thing because the creepy thing drops awesome loot that makes you the creepy thing.

From Pisani

So Dungeon Brah is an RPG where you can create a character using cool looking equipment and weapon cards. You then fight monsters for loot and treasure. The more you fight Kevin and his monsters, the more equipment you get and the more powerful you will be. There’s a lot more going on in the game that I can’t share at the moment, but soon people… soon.

From now on, Dungeon Brah is complete and game testing is underway. The cards are amazing and the art makes this game truly unique. It will be something that you will enjoy if you like Munchkin and that kind of gameplay. You don’t need a dice, just the deck of cards. It also seems accessible, so maybe something you can play with your family who don’t often experience this kind of hardcore dungeon robot world.

Du Pisani does not yet have a release date for Dungeon Brah but we’re busy curating some handy content to share with you when we can. It can mean that the game is almost finished and ready to buy! Who knows. I really need it in my life because it has been way too long since I sat down and played such a beautiful card game.

Be sure to follow the development process of Dungeon Brah by visiting the official Facebook page here.

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