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Fairhope Roofing Contractors repairs and renovates roofs to suit all budgets using modern techniques, materials and strategies

ByLinda W. Smith

Dec 20, 2021

Southern Roofing Systems of Fairhope is the city’s premier roofing contractor. It offers roof installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services. The insured and skilled technicians of this company work with shingles, metal, wood shingles and other roofing materials.

According to announcements published by Southern Roofing Systems of Fairhope and Avery Smith, this Fairhope Roofing Company recommends roof replacement only when roof repairs are no longer a viable alternative. Roofs have a lifespan and, with proper maintenance, can last a long time. However, the weather in Fairhope can be harsh and storms can damage roofs. Roof replacements for residential or commercial roofs are a necessity.

Hiring the right roofing company can be the difference between a good value roof replacement job and a cheap, shoddy exercise in the constant demand for repairs.

Southern Roofing Systems Fairhope roofing experts recommend quick replacement of asphalt shingles damaged in coastal storms or worn out due to age. Failure to do so can lead to avoidably high expenses.

Southern Roofing Systems of Fairhope knows how insurers avoid paying claims fairly. They help homeowners get fair compensation for roof damage caused by high winds, hail, fire and other natural disasters. This is just one example of the company’s commitment to helping customers beyond what the competition offers.

SRS, one of the leaders roofing companies in Fairhope AL, provides world class roofing and quality education on all roofing matters. The numerous articles posted on the company’s website have enabled many homeowners to make informed decisions about roofing repairs and installations. Southern Roofing Systems of Fairhope recommends metal roofs for customers looking for a durable roof that offers energy savings and protection from winds and storms.

These roofers can repair and install 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles and luxury shingles. As a local roofing authority, Southern Roofing Systems of Fairhope understands their ideas are respected and strives to present information in a transparent and honest manner.

For more information, visit https://southernroofingsystems.com/locations/fairhope-roofing-contractors/

Avery Smith of Southern Roofing Systems of Fairhope said, “A residential roof is the outermost part of a house. Its main purpose is to keep the elements out while protecting the interior of the building from sun, wind, rain and other natural phenomena. A secondary purpose of a residential roof is to add to the curb appeal and value of a home.

The different types of roofs include flat, gable, hip, mansard, monitor, shed, shed / barn, skillion, side gable, among others. The type of roof construction will depend on the design style of your home as well as the climate, roof material and square footage.

Commercial roofs are built to protect businesses, factory buildings, department stores, etc. They are all made with the same basic concepts, but they are changed depending on the type of building. There are many types of roofs used for commercial or industrial buildings. A BUR membrane is one of the most common types of commercial roofing.

A BUR consists of bitumen and reinforcing fabric applied to the deck or surface of a building to seal the structure below. At the top layer, a BUR roof has gravel, then a base sheet which is usually rubber, and finally a layer of polymer modified bitumen. The gravel protects the membrane from exposure to sunlight which increases lifespan, as well as from the effects of UV rays on other layers.

About the company:

Fairhope Southern Roofing Systems is among the top choices for homeowners looking for a “Roofing Contractor Near Me” in Fairhope, AL. The company uses the latest technology and the best materials to install and replace roofs. Its services are affordable and the company holds itself accountable for high standards of customer service.

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