• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Floppy Knights brings a strategic deck-building adventure to Xbox Game Pass in May

ByLinda W. Smith

Apr 26, 2022

Turn-based deck builder Floppy Knights is set to bring a dose of card-based strategy to Xbox Game Pass next month. Playing as “brilliant young programmer” Phoebe and her robot arm pal Carlton, you’ll embark on an adventure to win the local science fair, defeat her rival, Alex, and prove to Phoebe’s parents that her inventions can make it. to help earn a living.

Using the titular Floppy Knights – floppy disks transformed into “tangible projections” of plants, monsters and other collectible creatures designed to fight – Phoebe will perform odd jobs around town to test her mettle, mixing and matching Plant, Monster and Hooligan cards to build powerful decks.

Inventions like the Barrel Cactus, Applejacker bandits, and a fearsome Floppy Knight named Jessica, will all aid Phoebe in turn-based battles, battling Goblin Grunts, stealing BeheMoths, and Shady Shrooms. You can choose commanders to lead your army of Floppy Knights, each with their own signature card boosts and actions.

Described by creative director Marlowe Dobbe as a “wholesome adventure in becoming a hero when you least expect it”, Floppy Knights is heading to Xbox One and PC on May 24, priced at $19.99, or available on day one via Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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