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Inside Housing – News – L&Q seeks contractors for £2.7bn fire safety and decarbonisation works

ByLinda W. Smith

Mar 30, 2022

L&Q is seeking contractors to carry out work worth £2.7bn covering upgrades, fire safety and decarbonisation measures.

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L&Q is looking for contractors to carry out work worth £2.7billion covering upgrades, fire safety and decarbonisation measures #UKhousing

The owner of 105,000 homes is looking to appoint several contractors on a regional basis for 15-year contracts starting in April next year.

Last July the G15 giant said it planned to spend £1.9billion on existing homes over the next seven years, in part to ensure its properties maintained the government standard for homes decent.

Among the works being tendered, covering all areas where the owner operates, are “external cladding/wall system renewal, fire risk assessment works, including including upgrading fire door assemblies, renewing wooden decking, sprinkler installations and fire alarms.”

He previously said the total cost of the fire safety works would be around £450million.

Other works include roof renovations and “new kitchens and bathrooms”, according to the contract notice.

Energy efficiency measures will initially focus on insulating interior walls, cavities and exterior walls, a spokesperson said. Inside the housing. The work will then extend to the modernization of heating and windows, air and geothermal heat pumps and solar panels.

The group is increasing its investments in its existing stock amid widespread concerns about the state of some social housing. It is also drastically cutting its development spending, having cut its annual housing construction target by 70% due to rising fire safety costs.

Gerri Scott, group director of customer service at L&Q, said the new work program “invests in L&Q homes” and will be overseen by its Resident Services Board.

“They will advocate on behalf of all residents to ensure the program is delivered on time, [and] is good value and high quality,” she said.

“Prospective entrepreneurs should have no doubt that the success of the program depends on the quality of the residents’ experience,” she added.

L&Q is one of a number of associations and housing councils that have come under scrutiny following an ITV investigation revealing the squalid living conditions of some residents.

The landlord issued an apology last May for failing to address damp and mold complaints from a tenant with a serious medical condition.

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