• Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

Komatsu adds more smart technologies for entrepreneurs

Komatsu has added Smart Construction Field and Smart Construction Drone to its line of jobsite technologies to help contractors better manage projects.

“When the Smart Construction Group came along, they integrated everything together and the transition went smoothly,” said Kevin Hawkinson, vice president of operations, AW Oakes & Son. “Now we can retrieve the data, transfer it to the machines, retrieve the data from the machines to the office, and use all that information at all levels for auctions, referrals and invoicing. “

Smart construction field

Using data to track expenses allows entrepreneurs to analyze these numbers quickly and find profitable ways to manage and finance projects. Komatsu has partnered with Moovila, a provider of project management software, to develop Smart Construction Field, a mobile application that allows contractors to record site activity and analyze operational efficiency in near real time. .

Reports generated by Smart Construction Field can track day-to-day jobsite conditions and job progress can be broken down by labor, equipment and materials, including machine usage and fuel distribution, receipts, tally sheets and the work of subcontractors. Regardless of the brand of equipment, Smart Construction Field can collect machine data from an entire fleet.

Smart construction drone

Komatsu’s Smart Construction Drone survey technology collects precise topography. This drone solution captures quantities for production monitoring and invoicing, without the personnel traveling to the site to perform a manual survey.

Contractors can collect and analyze data throughout each phase of the project with topographic surveys that incorporate hundreds of thousands of data points. With the ability to take photos up to 400 feet above ground level or under bridge decks, Smart Construction Drone can be used as a pre-job check or to keep stakeholders up to date.

According to the company, Smart Construction Drone goes very well with Smart Construction Dashboard. Designed to combine data from multiple sources into a single complete picture, Smart Construction Dashboard combines 3D design data with aerial mapping and intelligent machine data, to allow contractors to confirm quantities and visualize job progress. . Smart Construction Dashboard is powered by the power of 3D visualization and geospatial precision of Cesium, a platform for visualizing, analyzing and sharing 3D data.

Smart Construction Drone and Smart Construction Field are both part of Komatsu’s Smart Construction Solutions, a collection of intelligent applications created to help construction customers optimize their activities remotely and in near real time.

Source: Komatsu

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