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Learn how AWS, Brex, Mayfield and Dell can help your business scale to TC Early Stage

ByLinda W. Smith

Mar 31, 2022

If there is one thing you will get out of your participation Early stage of TC in San Francisco on April 14, this is a crash course in the essentials of building a successful startup.

Seasoned founders and industry experts cover a range of topics – find your right-to-market product, grow your target customers, get feedback on your pitch deck, learn how to tell your story in an attention-grabbing way investors and more.

Do not be too long : We’re running out of the $249 Founder’s Pass. Buy your pass today and save $200 – once they are gone, the price goes up.

The event agenda contains over 40 presentations focused on finance, marketing/PR, and operations, but we want to take a moment to give you this advice. Don’t miss our partner sessions. These expert-led, topic-specific workshops give you time to dig in, ask more questions, get more answers, connect with companies that support early-stage startups, and discover new opportunities. and potential strategic partnerships.

We have an impressive array of partners ready to strut your stuff. Take a look at who’s coming and what you’ll learn from them.

Evolve from scientist to founder

Presented by

How do you go from PhD to startup founder and beyond? In this session, Janice Chen, co-founder and CTO of Mammoth Biosciences, and Diego Rey, co-founder and CSO of Endpoint Health, join Mayfield’s Ursheet Parikh to share insights from their own growth journeys. between scientists and founders. Learn how to go from bench to bedside and leverage scientific advances to save lives, how startups can forge productive partnerships with industry giants and more.

Financial stacks that evolve from MVP to IPO

Presented by

The best startup founders are visionaries, not operators. But the most successful startups are built to scale operationally from day one. In this roundtable, Brex product managers share their insights on the personal and practical choices early founders can make to streamline financial reporting and make their future CFOs proud. Even better? You can spend less time budgeting and more time building.

How to Talk Business When You’re a Tech Founder

Presented by

When it comes to pitching early-stage startups, tech founders can sometimes overlook the business side of the conversation. To help build your confidence in “talking business,” DTC’s Ryan Wexler will cover the fundamentals of what investors want to hear about how you’ll turn your technology into a business of fundamental importance.

Top 10 mistakes made by early founders

Presented by

What are the top mistakes early founders make when trying to achieve product-market fit and how do you avoid them? In this presentation, Omar Valle will distill the lessons he’s learned from working with over a thousand early stage startups from leading accelerators such as Y Combinator, Techstars, and StartX.

Building a Web3 Platform Business

Presented by

How to Start a Web3 Platform Business? Joe Lau, co-founder and CTO of the world’s leading blockchain development platform, Alchemy, joins Mayfield MD Navin Chaddha to share insights from Alchemy’s journey from inception to icon. Join this session to learn about the inspiration behind Alchemy, how to find product-market fit in an emerging market, how to embed dev-centric in your DNA and more.

Laying the Foundations for Businesses Built to Last

Presented by

When it comes to building a business, some things can’t be retrofitted – they need to be in place from day one. Join this session with Outreach Co-Founder and CEO Manny Medina and Mayfield’s Rajeev Batra as they share insights from Outreach’s inception to an iconic journey, including lessons learned about building an empathetic performance culture, embedding DEI in your DNA, the playbook for great Category and Suite design.

Initial stage of TechCrunch will take place live and in person on April 14. Buy your pass now while you can save $200 and get ready for startup bootcamp. We look forward to seeing you there!

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