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Loop Hero combines deckbuilding and roguelike games in one addicting masterpiece – MobileSyrup

ByLinda W. Smith

May 7, 2021

I recently started playing Loop hero by Four Quarters Digital, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The game is an impressive mix of genres, but the real magic is how perfectly balanced the risk / reward mechanics are. But before getting to the heart of the matter, I’ll explain how the roguelike game works. For those who don’t know, roguelikes are a sub-genre of role-playing games that often feature procedurally generated environments and permanent death of the characters.

The objective of Loop hero is to last as long as possible while your character spins around a randomly shaped track. You can either go on a loop to gather resources or fight the boss.

However, instead of directly controlling the character like you do in most games, you build the world around them and equip your avatar with gear to set yourself up for success. As you go through the loop, you fight enemies that unlock map tiles that you can add to the map and gear / weapons that you can equip for your character.

Cards range from enemy spawns like a “Vampire Mansion” to useful cards like a “Meadow” that rewards you with HP every day. The cool thing is that you can place these tiles next to other items on the map to get even more bonuses without knowing it. For example, my favorite combo is to place a vampire mansion next to a “village”. The village is usually a healing item, but if it’s next to a vampire card, it will spawn ghouls for three loops before it becomes the “Earl’s Country”, which heals you twice as much as a base village.

There are a lot of hidden card combos that lend Loop hero a rewarding feeling of discovery. Also, once you find new ways to combine the cards, you can get a good advantage for your next run around the loop.

Beyond that, the story of the game is also tied to the mechanics of the game just like the critically acclaimed game. Underworld since last year. In Loop hero, the world has been erased and no one has any memory of what happened before. As you play, you’ll unlock a camp that you can upgrade with the resources you collect in each loop. This is also related to the risk / reward aspect of the game. Retreating to camp on the “Campfire tile” allows you to keep all the things you have collected in this mission. Retreating to any other tile only allows you to keep 60 percent of your assets, and when you die in the middle of the loop, you can only keep 30 percent.

Resources and Camp are also key to unlocking bonuses and new maps to aid you on your quest, which ultimately involves beating three bosses. Each boss spawns after you have placed a certain number of cards, another mechanic lends itself to the game’s risk / reward balance.

There’s more to unlock, including new character classes, tons of maps, and buildings, but I won’t go into too much detail as a big part of the game is figuring out for yourself.

My only complaint Loop hero is that it is only available on Mac and PC and not on mobile or Switch, where I think it would really shine. That said, the game is really light and only requires 200MB of space, so you can even run it on an old laptop, making it semi-portable. For example, I used it on an older 2016 MacBook Pro and it works fine.

You can buy Loop hero on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG and Humble Store for CA $ 17.50.

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