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Lost in Random mixes up deckbuilding in a world Tim Burton

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the team behind Lost in Random really I love Tim Burton animated films. Her world draws from the Gothic suburb that Burton is known for, and although her struggle takes time to reach its rhythm, the magnificent claymation-type art style and playful, mischievous score is a constant joy.

When Even begins her journey through the world of chance to save her sister, Odd, from the clutches of the Evil Queen, she is virtually helpless. This expedition begins with a stealth streak in Even’s hometown of One-Town, but it doesn’t take long before you are abruptly immersed in the live action. Falling into a dice-filled graveyard and facing the hammer of a towering metal soldier, Even is saved from certain death by an adorably small, squeaky dice. Which she naturally names Dicey.

This is when Lost in Random’s deck-building mechanic kicks in. Enemies – such as oversized chess pieces and nightmarish clockwork automatons – will grow crystals during battle, that Even can break with his slingshot. Collecting these crystals generates energy for Dicey, and when the small dice is fully charged, you can throw it, freezing time for you to play cards. It’s a complicated way to start a card game, of course, but if you have to do it in the middle of a fight, then stopping time seems like a wise precaution.

Card effects vary from generating a breakable weapon to activating a temporary buff every time you dodge. It’s easy to understand at first, but it can get pretty messy by the time you’re going through a full deck every time Dicey is ready to roll.

He even ends up stumbling across Two-Town – I sense a theme here – and this is where Tim Burton’s expressionist influence is most apparent. The houses are warped and crooked, overlooking the dark streets.

monstrous inhabitants close your eyes and stare at you from their stalls like busted animatronics

The monstrous inhabitants, some with wolf or fish characteristics, block your eyes and stare at you from their stalls like busted animatronics. It’s like I’m walking through Halloween town; the mayor even wears a high, pointy Puritan hat. They all have twins or multiple and divergent personalities, and there are a lot of interesting stories to be gleaned by staying to chat with them.

Two-Town is also the home of Mannie Dex, the Cockney cabinet lurking at the end of a dark alley. Like a shady croupier waiting to open his trench coat and reveal a plethora of counterfeit watches, Mannie opens his wooden doors to reveal a pile of cards for sale. I’m soon put at ease by this friendly fellow as he hawks his wares, gets excited about the cards, and dodges my questions about how he’s become a walking wardrobe.

Mannie appears regularly throughout Even’s journey, and as you purchase new cards you’ll eventually unlock new supply lines in the form of boosters. Fortunately, even if it sounds like it is not a vehicle for microtransactions. It’s a smart system that allows you some freedom in how you build your deck, and it’s more streamlined than anything you’ll find in card games like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering, so deckless builders. shouldn’t have a hard time familiarizing themselves with their collection.

Lost in Random’s mix of light action combat and card game mechanics doesn’t feel natural, but for the most part it works. Either way, it’s the Burton-inspired world and its bevy of charming characters that serves as the real highlight here, and by the time the preview ends, I find myself wanting to know what’s in store for it even though. she walks through the door of the next Kingdom.

Lost in Random is scheduled for release on September 10. For more, you can check out our summaries of the best horror games and indie games on PC.

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