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Michigan builders and contractors still face pandemic issues

ByLinda W. Smith

Sep 10, 2021

(WXYZ) – Whether you’re building a home, looking to buy new construction, or renovating a basement, watching lumber prices skyrocket last spring and dealing with shipping delays may have put the brakes on to your plans.

Raad Herfi, timber yard manager at Durst Lumber Company in Berkley, said timber prices have fallen since last spring.

“I will say they have fallen by 50% or more in some cases, depending on the wood you buy,” Herfi said.

At the height of lumber prices last May and June, Herfi said an 8-foot-long two-by-four would set you back $ 10.99. Right now, that will cost you $ 6.99.

But contractors like Tom Wooderson, owner of Property Rescue, have noticed that lumber prices always fluctuate depending on when and where you buy.

“I spend a lot more time doing estimates in different lumberyards to see who has the best price,” Wooderson said. “Because their prices go down according to their inventory levels, because they may have bought at a higher price. And so they will sell for a higher price. “

And don’t forget about shipping delays – a pandemic problem still plaguing the construction industry.

“We’ve had all kinds of delays in terms of what product line it could be – whether it’s cabinets, windows, you know, 5-quarter deck boards,” he said. Wooderson said. “Everything is kind of random depending on when you need it.”

So what should customers know after they get a quote for a project?

Wooderson said if you wait too long to give it the go ahead, shipping delays can delay your schedule even further.

Or, the price may need to be recalculated, especially if your job requires wood.

“Right now, more than ever, it really pays to shop,” Herfie said. “You could literally save thousands of dollars just by calling and seeing who has the best price. “

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