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Mythic Legends Review – A Powerful Fusion of Arena Encounters, Deck Building, and Auto Chess – GameSpace.com

ByLinda W. Smith

May 25, 2022

Outfit7’s latest title launched globally on iOS and Android just a week ago and this intriguing mix of RPG mechanics and auto chess arena battlers aims to keep the competition short and sharp. We picked a Legend and watched this new adventure unfold from above during our review.

Available now and entering the mobile battlefield as a free-to-play challenger, Mythic Legends is, at first, much like other on-the-go games you might recognize. Set in the constrained confines of a desolate arena, the heart of this brightly colored hero fighter is short-form automated tactical encounters. While progressing through the main campaign or brawling in a PvP-style ranked mode, anyone engaging in Mythic Legends must build a troop of warriors, group them into a fearsome squad, and blast opposing players. It’s a fairly simple idea, oddly resembling Clash Royale or Brawl Stars, and it would be dishonest to say that there aren’t many similarities between the two titles, even when mostly superficial.

Easy entry

Press play on this experience and you’ll be greeted by a host of brightly colored personalities, all thrown into a mix of oversized ruins and stylized environments that make them about as menacing as a Saturday morning cartoon. The mix of potential champions, each grouped in their own theme deck, is full of unique ideas. Whether it’s Norse hordes, Egyptian warriors or the acid green of the undead, there are plenty of faces and inviting ideas to suit your particular tastes. While the cartoonish facade might not sit well with fans of post-apocalyptic epics and sprawling fantasy JRPGs like Nier Reincarnation, this is a decidedly more populist mobile title. The range and scope of these aesthetics, the jolly caricatures, and big, glowing buttons that make up the game’s user interface ensure that almost anyone can pull out an iPhone during the morning commute and instantly understand what’s going on. It’s credit to the Hyper Dot Studios developer team that Mythic Legends is instantly intuitive and the clean tone means it’s accessible to a large portion of the mobile market.

prepare for battle.  mythical legend

While the basic combat in Mythic Legends can be enjoyable enough to just sit back and passively consume, there’s plenty to do in this new game. Split up into multiple stages over a long, winding trek through An animated world, Mythic Legends pushes players into a series of arena-based battles. Starting with just a few champions, players must leverage a gruff-looking set of individuals and build a team to lead into battle. Overcoming this very first encounter is not particularly difficult. With a single support legend and a series of more active minions, pre-combat is all about drawing from a limited set of available maps and deploying fighters on a 6-by-5 ​​grid format. Setting them up is a simple drag-and-drop touchscreen affair, meaning players can choose from a straightforward set of defensive, DPS, and ranged options to fill the void. Once the fight starts, these characters attack on their own, and you better hope you’ve got your attack plan right. If you manage to defeat all comers in every mini-tournament, things are unlikely to stay this easy for long.

Always choose the dragon

What begins as a simple set of choices gradually becomes deeper. Players unlock Character Cards gradually, ensuring a steady and continuous electric treadmill that steadily requires more and more Character Cards to strategically upgrade and expand your roster. A solid selection of daily rewards, achievements, and a battle pass offer a mix of random card drops, gold, and in-game gems to push that progression of power forward.

dragons horde mythical legends

While this is all very simplistic at first, showcasing the strongest team to defeat all enemies, these upgrades will allow avid adventurers to choose more and more troops from an ever-expanding roster of characters. This vertical progression means that the same direct dash on tanks can run into a range of opponents they are not well suited to, and other considerations start to become important. Mythic Legends begins to shirk its easygoing facade when it chooses exactly the right combination of allies in the pit. Different champions follow in their own way, with tanks charging straight down the middle while healers stay behind and assassins can slip into the back of an enemy line. Understanding how an enemy’s posture will affect your own defensive formations and choosing from a range of mid-range bonuses can turn the tide of the competition. There’s nothing quite like worrying about being defeated and pulling a bonus dragon off the deck instead, or launching a surprise zombie horde that distracts opposing cannon fodder . There are even class and theme synergies to consider, each of which can influence your approach. Suffice it to say, Mythic Legends’ combat might not take long, with no more than a few minutes of combat in each tournament round, but it’s a lot more nuanced than the animated aesthetic suggests.

card game mythical legends

The only unfortunate part of this combination of power progression and breadth of choice is that the in-game battle pass becomes an incredibly compelling purchase if you’re likely to play more than two rounds at once. Similarly, achievement-based rewards are also enhanced in exchange for cash, giving players access to additional drops. This is not helped by the tiered gacha system, which is built into these enhanced rewards. The result raises concerns that at least some players are likely to feel the need to spend or be completely wiped out by the big spenders along the way.

Fast fun times

Still, while Mythic Legends might not be quite cutting edge action adventure or enlist the most innovative narrative, the combat is interesting and easy without being an exercise in rolling. The interesting interplay between deck-building systems, core team-building of the title, and quick tournaments is supported by a solid matchmaking system that provides balanced competition. Even amid losses, shifting positions, shifting synergies, and the right bonuses can tip an entire tournament from a slew of desperate attempts to overcome obstacles to a slim win. Mythic Legends is a bite-sized arena fighter that handles fast-paced gameplay with far more depth than your average idle adventure.

Mythic Legends is out now and brings brilliant arena combat to Android and iOS devices through compatible storefronts. Find out now who you’re up against on the official website.

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