• Thu. May 12th, 2022

New Gender-Changing RPG Deck-Building Trailer & Pictures – Nerd4.life

At MIX Next – exhibition dedicated to the world of independent video games – it was presented Under Oresa, a rogue-type deck-building RPG built in a 3D world. The release is scheduled for the moment only on PC (Steam) during 2022. You can see the trailer above and some footage below.

Taking advantage of its 3D nature, Beneath Oresa combines the three dimensional combat with RPG deck-building mechanics: the combat is influenced by the proximity between the characters – characterized by a European cartoon style – and “offers a more modern experience”. The Broken Spear team built the game around some of the typical features – and their favorites – of the card-based roguelike genre, while adding “complexity to the gameplay and uplifting its aesthetic.”

“Genre roguelike bridge construction achieved significant success with titles such as Slay the Spire, which sold millions of units. But, perhaps due to its roots in traditional card and board games, we haven’t seen the category progress as quickly as other genres, ”said Renaud Bartens, co-founder and creative director of Broken Spear. We love these games, but saw an opportunity to evolve them both technically and visually in the hopes of bringing one of our favorite genres to a wider audience. ”

“We also wanted to focus on our system map improvement on a double-choice route, with the aim of embarrassing the players by implementing what is called a tough dilemma, ”Bartens continued. The player must choose between several options, each having a significant impact on the game; a tactical change that involves you deeply ”.

What do you think of this new indie proposition? Are you intrigued by Beneath Oresa?

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