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New tools from Trex improve installation and

WINCHESTER, Virginia, Feb. 08 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a year where composite decking manufacturers have focused primarily on being able to meet commodity demand, “Engineering What’s Next In Outdoor Living®” remained a priority for Trex. The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Wood Alternative Decking and Railing, and a Leader in High-Performance, Low-Maintenance Outdoor Living Products, Will Reinforce its Innovation Leadership at the 2022 International Builders Show , where he plans to unveil new products designed to improve the ease of installation and extend the longevity of a deck’s substructure.

“At Trex, we’re constantly looking to improve the deck building process, not just for consumers, but for all overworked contractors,” said Leslie Adkins, vice president of marketing at Trex. “These latest innovations do just that, making it easier for builders to work with Trex products and delivering increased quality and satisfaction to their customers.”

Here are some new Trex essentials making their official industry debut at IBS 2022:

Trex® Universal fastener installation tool
Over a decade ago, Trex expanded its Hideaway® Hidden fixing system with the introduction of the universal fixing, which can be used with most leading competitive decking boards. This product was designed in conjunction with feedback from contractors to provide quick and easy installation while eliminating the excessive waste of carrying concealed fasteners from multiple product lines. To further assist building professionals in optimizing both cost and time efficiency, Trex has introduced the new Trex® Universal Fastener Installation Tool, an innovative accessory designed to increase ease and accuracy of application, while reducing installation time by up to 50%.

Created for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, this tool cuts installation time in half by allowing the installer to fully operate the fastener in one easy step. By using a nose cone to ensure the bit touches the fastener head, along with a unique drive angle, the installer can now fully tighten each clip while easily sliding the next plank into place. Lightweight and durable, the tool also features a rotating handle that allows for both pushing and pulling from different angles, as well as a convenient bit holder on the underside.

“While developing this tool, we worked closely with professional contractors to test the design to ensure that all of its features directly met their needs and exceeded their expectations,” Adkins noted.

The new Trex tool offers a simple installation process that results in a clean, superior, fastener-free deck surface. The universal fastener also makes it quicker and easier to replace damaged boards, even those in the middle of a deck, reducing the time spent on callbacks.

“With the growing popularity of decking without visible nails or screws, especially among homeowners with children and pets, this installation tool allows contractors to meet consumer demand more effectively and efficiently,” added Adkins. “Compared to other installation methods, this inexpensive tool is invaluable to installers of any experience level.”

Available at Trex distributors and online at Shop.Trex.com, the Trex Universal Fastener Installation Tool retails for approximately $23, making it an affordable must-have for any deck construction toolbox .

Trex® Register and rim tapes
The creators of Trex® Protect Joist & Beam Tape has created two new protective tapes designed for use on edge and rim joists of wood deck substructures. Designed to improve structural integrity, these new tapes provide protection against moisture penetration that can cause water damage and deterioration of a deck’s support system.

“Ask any contractor where a deck is most likely to fail and there’s a good chance they’ll point to the ledger,” said Trex founder Dave Kile.® RainEscape®, which manufactures Trex Protect and Trex Seal products. “If not properly installed – and protected – this single element can be the downfall of any deck. Our new register and rim tapes are designed to preserve the integrity and longevity of a deck. And, with their easy-to-apply design, there’s no reason a bridge should be left vulnerable to the elements and premature failure.

  • Trex® Seal ledger tape – Reinforced with an aluminum liner, this 11-inch-wide butyl-based tape offers a superior alternative to traditional flashings by creating a watertight barrier that provides full coverage of the ledger panel. It also seals all gaps between the register and the substructure for optimal protection. Featuring a convenient 5.5 in. dual release liner, Trex Seal Ledger Tape is easy to apply for precise installation and is AAMA711 code compliant.
  • Trex® Protect Rim joist strip – Joining the popular Trex Protect line of butyl joist and beam tapes is a new 11-inch-wide option designed specifically for use on rim joists to create a moisture-proof barrier. The expanded width also makes it ideal for use on stairs and flat block horizontal wood surfaces. Like other Trex Protect products, it can be applied to any wood deck frame structure and features a non-slip surface for added comfort and safety. With this addition, Trex Protect Tapes will be available in three sizes: one for joists (1 5/8″), one for beams (3 1/8″) and one for rim joists, stairs and blocks flat (11″).

“These new wider belt options directly address the needs we’ve seen in the market,” Kile explained. “Instead of having to apply multiple strips of tape to cover larger areas, builders can now protect those areas with just one.”

The new Trex Seal and Trex Protect 11-inch tapes will be available from March and will be on display, along with the Trex Universal Fastener Installation Tool, at the Trex booth (#W2954) at the International Builders’ Show, February 8. -10 in Orlando. The Trex Universal Fasteners Installation Tool will also be highlighted as part of the new IBS product area. For more information, visit www.trex.com.

About Trex Company, Inc.
Trex Company, Inc. [NYSE: TREX] is the world’s largest manufacturer of high performance wood decking and railing, with nearly 30 years of product experience. #1 Outdoor Living Brand Proudly Named to Forbes 2021 List of America’s Best Midsize Companies and Fortune Magazine’s 2020 List of the World’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies . Stocked in over 6,700 locations worldwide, Trex outdoor living products offer a wide range of style options with less ongoing maintenance requirements than wood, as well as a truly eco-friendly choice of the environment. For more information, visit trex.com. You can also follow Trex on Twitter (@Trex_Company), Instagram (@trexcompany), Pinterest (trexcompany) or Houzz (trexcompany-inc), “like” Trex on Facebook (@TrexCompany) or view product and demo videos at the brand’s YouTube channel (TheTrexCo).

About Trex® RainEscape®
Trex® RainEscape® Products are manufactured and sold by IBP, LLC under a trademark license agreement with Trex Company, Inc. RainEscape is a federally registered trademark of IBP, LLC. A 20 year limited warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

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