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No more accusations from Peters for owner of bridge construction company | Local News

ByLinda W. Smith

Sep 16, 2020

The owner of a patio construction company faces further charges filed in Peters Township.

Matthew Alexander Walker, of Three Rivers Decks & Porches, has been charged by township police with theft and fraudulent business practices after another alleged victim reported problems to police.

Dane Summerville said he signed a contract with Walker in March 2019 to pay $ 26,650 for the demolition of his old terrace on the second floor and for Walker to build a new one. Summerville said he met Walker at a home show in Pittsburgh.

He and his wife already had a patio in the back of their Monterey Drive home, Summerville said, but they were ready to replace it.

“He had all these lighting ideas and all these different things,” Summerville said of Walker.

According to the criminal complaint, Walker told Summerville his patio project would take about three weeks, but it’s been 17 months. Summerville has paid around $ 22,520 so far, but only about 40% of the work has been completed, Summerville said, “none of which we can safely use.”

Summerville made a down payment of $ 2,000 when he signed the contract, then paid over $ 10,000 in May when the project began. On May 13, Walker requested an additional $ 10,000 to begin work on the railing around the bridge.

This ramp, Summerville said, will have to be taken down and redone because the ramps are uneven and the job unsatisfactory.

“They didn’t have the correct square hole rail for the square pickets, so they just cut out the existing round holes,” Summerville said in an email.

After the May 13 payment, Walker and his employees stopped working, Summerville said.

“They would show up for an hour and measure something and then leave,” he said.

According to the complaint, Summerville has attempted to contact Walker and Three Rivers Decks and Porches over the past year, but has been subjected to a “campaign of apologies.” Summerville said he hadn’t done any other work on the bridge, but it’s likely he’ll try to finish it himself.

Peters police charged Walker with theft and fraudulent business practices. Summerville also filed a civil lawsuit against Walker.

Peters Police Chief Doug Grimes said Summerville is one of three township residents who have filed complaints against Three Rivers Decks. Charges have also been laid against Walker and his father, Alexander Walker, in Cecil, North Strabane, North Franklin and Allegheny County.

Walker has a preliminary hearing scheduled for October 6 at 2 p.m. before District Judge Jesse Pettit.

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