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Play a new demo now from Power Chord, the deck-building roguelike rock band

ByLinda W. Smith

Mar 24, 2022

Power Chord is a battle group based on maps with a new demo to try it now. Presented on the Future Games Show, it is a deck-building roguelike with a touch of rock. And if it ignites your pyro scene, you can find it on Steam and on the wish list Power Chord now!

The new demo on Steam Power Chord puts more light on the musical action combat cards, with new maps and new equipment, and the beginnings of a new drummer Roxy Cleaver. In Power Chord’s musical action, drummers are the tank class, defending the party with armor-like abilities, while redirecting incoming damage and attacking with power based on damage taken. For Roxy, it has the special ability to create stone loads or to protect the group of demonic attacks or to launch massive attacks on the rear of the opponents.

Roxy Cleaver can be unlocked in the new demo, with its new deck, when you’ve completed it once with the original drummer, Bor Ironcast, and defeated the boss of the demo, a demon with two heads called Crash and Snare. This will also give you a good overview of action to safeguard the rock world of charge Power Chord, while the most powerful musicians earth fighting demonic hordes.

While each character has its own powers, cards and benefits you will build your deck strategies using the unique capabilities of each musical class. Drummers, as we mentioned, are all focused on the defense and the redirection of damage. The singers use their voices for healing, buffs and support; The guitarists shredding concentrate their attacks on single targets, while Bass ton through the area of effect damage to treat multiple targets in a single riff.

In addition to checking out the game and wishlist on Steam at the link above, you can also get the latest news, beta access, and enter contests on the Power Chord Discord server.

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