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Pony Island Bridge-Building Horror Inscryption Gets October Release Date

ByLinda W. Smith

Sep 27, 2021

Inscryption, the “dark and disturbing” deck-building horror game from Pony Island and The Hex developer Daniel Mullins, hits PC just in time for Halloween on October 19.

Described as a mix of deck-building roguelike, escape-puzzling, and psychological horror, Inscryption – a highly expanded version of Mullins’ game jam title Sacrifices Must Be Made – traps players in the cabin of a sadistic stranger known as Leshy, forcing them to play a mysterious game using cards acquired through “draft, surgery, and self-harm”.

In its simplest form, the object is to play cards, each representing a woodland animal, onto a board consisting of four columns in two rows – your cards are played to the nearest row while your opponent plays ‘back. Each card will attack and take damage from all adjacent enemy cards at the end of a turn, but if there is no card to block an incoming attack, players will take damage directly. Whoever damages his opponent enough will win the game.

Inscryption – Release date trailer.

That’s just the beginning, however, and Mullins happily piles on the sinister convolutions from there. In order to put your cards into play, for example, you’ll likely have to sacrifice some of the cards already on the board, forcing you to plan around power and consumptive capacity. Then there are sigils that imbue cards with different abilities – perhaps granting them the power to hover over the defensive line to immediately launch a direct attack, or making them indestructible so they don’t leave the board when you ram. a dagger in their heart.

And then there are the other complications, including weird rule-bending totems, strange new occurrences as you progress through a branching map, and even the occasional break from the table when you’re allowed to. explore the decidedly unsettling cabin of Leshy. Strange as it sounds, but if your curiosity is piqued, Mullins has released a very welcome demo on Steam.

And if you like what you see, the full version of Inscryption will cost £16.79 (with 10% off pre-purchases) when it hits Steam on October 19. Inscryption is also available as part of a bundle containing Mullins’ acclaimed previous titles The Hex and Pony Island, 42% off, meaning you can get the complete collection for £16.24.

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