• Thu. May 12th, 2022

Power Chord brings a familiar look to the Deck-Building genre

Big Blue Bubble freelance developer, previously known to our readers for their game Abandoned, announced Power agreement. This appears to be the last team-based deckbuilder title, roguelike, that I normally don’t write about, but this one caught my eye because visually it looks a lot like Guitar Hero: Around the World. I’ve spent entire hours slamming on those horrible plastic drums and guitars, so this aesthetic has a special place in my heart.

I hadn’t really heard of this game yet, but we received a press release announcing the inclusion of their new character Roxy. Roxy is a badass Riot Girl drummer, which is just in time for Christmas tradition to hear other songs on Little Drummer People, so we thought you’d be interested in seeing her and learning more about her. she.

Info directly from the press release:

In Power agreement, eArth’s most powerful musicians will come together to use their unique abilities to unleash insane combos against the demonic horde. Each member of the group having their own style of play, their cards and their advantages, Power tuning allows players to create unique combos based on different combinations of bands. Groups will consist of four musicians with their own color-coded cards, including:

Drummer – Blue cards. Beaters are the group’s “reservoir” and can defend themselves using armor, redirect damage, and retaliate based on damage taken.

Guitarist – Red cards. Guitarists can deal serious damage to a single target by stepping forward.

Bassist – Purple cards. Raining down area-of-effect damage, bassists can attack multiple targets and apply / remove debuffs from their group mates and enemies.

Singer – Yellow cards. Supporting and healer of the group, the singers focus on healing, cleansing from debuffs and polish the group.

I’ll be honest – I’ve never played any of these Deck-Builder games but I guess they’ve been pretty popular now since then. Kill the arrow did so well? I don’t know, but if you want to learn more about Power Chord, check out the playable demo on their Steam page.

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