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Renegade Game Studios’ “A Rising Darkness” deck-building game expansion is up for pre-order

ByLinda W. Smith

Mar 20, 2022

“A Rising Darkness”, a standalone expansion from Renegade Game Studios Transformers deck-building card game, should be coming soon – as soon as the second quarter of 2022 is fast approaching!

This expansion places players in the tall metal boots of the Decepticons and features both competitive and cooperative game modes, mirroring the Decepticon dynamic in interesting ways (either the old Decepticon Civil War-ish infighting while fending off the Autobots, or holding line as a unified front against the Autobots), as well as the Team v Team game rules that pit Decepticon team card players against Autobot team card players when the expansion and base set are used together.

Info on the Renegade Games website:


• Play as Decepticons!
• Standalone extension
• Combine with the base set for Team vs. Team games!
• Explore a matrix of maps to discover allies and enemies

Summary of content:

• 174 standard size cards (including Autobot and Decepticon cards)
• 6 oversized character cards
• 10 encounter cards
• 5 reference cards
• Bonus Pack with Astrotrain and four promotional main deck cards.

In short

• Number of players: 1 to 5 players
• For ages: 14 and up
• Playing time: 45 to 90 minutes
• Game type: deck-building game expansion set, stand-alone expansion

Pre-orders are live on the Renegade Game Studios site, and ordering now nets you a free “A Rising Darkness” bonus pack!

Have you been waiting for a new Transformers card game experience? Have you tried the base set and are you looking forward to this expansion? Let us know what you think on the Allspark Facebook page, our partner Discord at discord.gg/allspark, and the Allspark Forums!

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