• Thu. May 12th, 2022

Renegade Game Studios Announces GI Joe Bridge Building Game


Renegade Game Studios today announced it has a brand new GI Joe Bridge Building Game on the way later this year. This game for 1-4 players will have you battling as many red and blue lasers as you have ever seen as American forces take on the evil organization Cobra and prevent them from taking over the world. Along with the standard range of maps players will use for each side, the game comes with a complement of dozens of GI Joe heroes and vehicles, 36 unique missions, and Expert mode maps for even greater challenges. The game is currently on pre-order for $ 45, and you can pick it up on their website. Anyone who pre-orders the game will receive Bonus Box # 1, featuring Dawn Moreno as the GI JOE leader, as well as an alternate round marker and buildable punchboard hangar!

A look at the box for the GI Joe Bridge Building Game, courtesy of Renegade Game Studios.

The game does not yet have an appropriate release date, however, they expect it to be released in October 2021. You can read a bit more about it below as we can now speculate who was included in the lists. of heroes and villains.

Fall into it! The evil organization Cobra is threatening the world with its ploys and it’s up to you to stop them! In this bridge building game, you and your playmates will lead teams of GI Joe soldiers on a mission to stop Cobra’s dastardly plans! Each player begins the game with a meager deck that will become more and more powerful as you recruit veterans from the GI Joe team, requisition equipment, and line up new vehicles. This fully cooperative game pits you against increasingly dangerous missions to save the world. This basic set starts your journey with everything you need to play, but get ready for more Joes and missions to come!

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