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Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Company Updates Community on Stamped Concrete Pool Decks and Patios for Summer

ByLinda W. Smith

Apr 11, 2022
stamped concrete pool deck for home RI

stamped concrete pool deck for home RI

PROVIDENCE, RI, USA, April 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Summer is fast approaching and Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services encourages residents of Providence and surrounding areas to examine the condition of their decks and patios from pool . Unfortunately, pool decks and patios can be a major source of slip and fall injuries. Since many locals will be entertaining on their property, it’s a good idea to get these busy areas in good shape to keep guests safe. They offer a safer and easier to maintain alternative for pool decks and patios with their stamped concrete. Customers can get a traditional design or a custom option at a competitive price.

Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services is one of the top rated decorative concrete services in the area. Since 2013, this company has remodeled the patios and pool decks of thousands of customers using their stamped concrete method. Their coverage includes Providence, Cranston, Warwick, Pawtucket, East Providence and Woonsocket.

Much of the slip and fall with traditional pavers in patios occurs because of irregularities and the proliferation of moss and weeds between the pavers. Additionally, there could be broken cobblestones, cobblestones that are out of place, and other factors that could injure guests young and old. So, before starting outdoor entertaining this summer, it’s a good idea for homeowners to address these issues. The great thing about their decorative concrete is that many of those issues of unevenness and weed growth are eliminated. Plus, stamped concrete can offer homeowners some of the same looks as brick pavers without the hassle of maintaining them.

Additionally, another slippery area of ​​concern is around the pool. Many traditional stones tend to become very slippery when combined with chlorine filled water. The tiles and some natural stones around the pool cause a slippery surface. Even smooth concrete without a pattern and sealer can become dangerous. This company uses decorative concrete, which helps minimize surface slipperiness. Additionally, the texture of the concrete helps to minimize the slipperiness of the surface when wet. For even more protection, they encourage homeowners to choose one of their sealers to help make the surface less slippery.

The backyard has become a major focal point after the pandemic. So naturally it should be comfortable and as safe as possible. That’s why Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services is encouraging homeowners to consider switching to stamped concrete this summer.

Apart from the safety of RI stamped concrete, it is also durable. Stamped concrete requires minimal maintenance, and if customers opt for a sealer, it will make the concrete even more durable. A penetrating sealer can minimize the risk of cracking. Plus, sealer can keep your stamped concrete looking like new. Patios and pool decks tend to fade over time. UV rays hitting surfaces can change the color of pool decks and patios. Also, splashing chlorine on the pool deck can eventually cause discoloration. Getting a sealant prevents these areas from being damaged.

Safety and durability are undoubtedly important. But, homeowners should also consider getting stamped concrete in these areas of the house, as it is a beautiful and affordable alternative. When some people think of concrete, they can only imagine a gray slab. However, decorative concrete is more than just dull gray slabs. They have various textures and patterns that are traditional and customizable. Another key feature customers can add to their concrete is color. So if they don’t want gray, they can opt for other colors to brighten up those areas of their property.

While Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services wants to emphasize the importance of stamped concrete pool decks in RI, it also wants to remind customers that these are not the only areas it can transform. They provide decorative concrete for driveways, driveways and porches. They can even bring the beauty of decorative concrete indoors with flooring. Those who want to make their entire property look much better at an affordable price should consider stamped concrete.


For approximately a decade, the expert concrete contractors at Rhode Island Stamped Concrete Services have provided thousands of local customers with stamped concrete services. They have many traditional patterns including brick, slab, woodblock print, slate, etc. Customers can even customize the designs. For more information about their company, located at 69 River Ave, Providence, RI 02908, visit their easy-to-navigate site at https://rhodeislandstampedconcrete.com/.

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