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Rocky Mountain Forest Products Helps Local Contractors Rebuild After Devastating Marshall Fire

ByLinda W. Smith

May 20, 2022

Colorado’s leading wholesale lumber yard is joining contractors and other members of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce to help rebuild the Boulder community after the destructive Marshall Fire.

In December 2021, the city of Boulder, Colorado was devastated by the Marshall Fire, which destroyed more structures than any other fire in Colorado. Recovering from this devastation will take time, skilled labor and supplies. In a show of support, Rocky Mountain Forest Products (RMFP) has joined the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, expanding their ties to the community. At the start of the work, the RMFP plans to provide the essential equipment to support the efforts.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products provides Colorado residents with premium building materials for fences, decks and siding. While cedar wood is a popular choice and a top-selling option, they also offer a wide variety of composite wood products, as well as exotic and reclaimed woods. As a large lumber supplier, they can offer more options than many other lumberyards. Sourcing wood directly from the factory, they cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to their customers.

First reported to 911 on Dec. 30, 2021, the Marshall Fire started as a grass fire in the Boulder, Colorado area. Fueled by exceptionally tall, dry grass and winds reaching 185 km/h, the fire spread rapidly, devouring everything in its path. Three days later, authorities reported more than 1,000 structures destroyed and hundreds more damaged.

Over the past 47 years in business, Rocky Mountain Forest Products has had its fair share of ups and downs. Hit hard by the economic downturn of the 1980s; they have learned to adapt by expanding their inventory, streamlining operations and emphasizing marketing. Despite these challenges, they have become Colorado’s largest lumber supplier, giving them the ability to help the community when the need arises.

“We love the community we serve in Colorado, and we feel for everyone affected by this tragedy,” said Taylor Poole, Chief Growth Officer. “It’s gratifying for us as a company to be in a position where we can give back to our community. Our high-quality, lower-cost wood products help rebuild homes and businesses and give hope to people who have lost so much and are still struggling..”

A firm believer in building community, Rocky Mountain Forest Products helps contractors and do-it-yourselfers learn how to do construction projects themselves through their podcast “The Mill”. The podcast aims to help individuals and business owners develop their skills and knowledge to improve their homes and the community.

To learn more about the building materials Rocky Mountain Forest Products provides to its customers or to shop their inventory, visit www.rmfp.com or call (303) 647-9185.

About Rocky Mountain Forest Products

Rocky Mountain Forest Products is the state of Colorado’s largest lumber supplier. They import the wood directly from sawmills and wholesale it to retail customers. For over 40 years, RMFP has been helping builders and owners get their projects done on budget.

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