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Snowbird, UT Announces Successful Installation of New Blue Streetcar

ByLinda W. Smith

Jun 17, 2022
The new blue tram in all its glory. Credit: Snowbird

Just over two weeks after one of Snowbird, UT’s new streetcar cabs was “damaged beyond repair” during installation, the station has shared an image following the successful installation of the other. tram.

The red tram fell from a crane at the end of May, jeopardizing the station’s summer activity. However, it looks like the blue tram will start running on July 15.

The New Blue!

We are excited to see the beautiful new Blue Tram mounted on the hanger. The work is not yet complete, but we plan to start the scenic tram rides on July 15. The blue tram got a head start on the red tram this summer, but the two new cabins will operate during the winter season.

–Snowbird Facebook post

The new cabins were designed specifically for Snowbirds and replacing one will take time. According to LiftBlog, the resort hopes to have a new cabin built and installed in time for winter 2022/23. The new tram was to open at the end of June for the summer.

Time-lapse video on Twitter (below) shows the cabin hanging from a crane before crashing to the ground below.

An investigation is underway to understand why this accident occurred.

After 50 years of transporting millions of skiers and snowboarders to Snowbird 11,000-foot Hidden Peak, the station’s iconic aerial tram, will receive new tram cabs this spring, the station announced in March 2022. The original streetcar cabs traveled approximately 794,994 miles in their lifetime, the same distance as the trip to the Moon and back more than 1.5 times. Snowbird has worked closely with the Doppelmayr Group on this exciting upgrade, and after two years of planning, the new tram cabs have been completed in Olten, Switzerland, and are on their way to their permanent home.

The new tram cabs, which were scheduled to be fully installed and operational for the Snowbird summer season in June, will feature a sleek exterior design, floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as summer seasonal experiences including a rooftop balcony for foot passengers, and three glass floor panels in each cabin.

“As Snowbird celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are both acknowledging our rich past and bringing an exciting upgrade to our iconic cable car. The Tram and Snowbird have provided year-round excitement for five decades, but the new Tram cabins promise to take that excitement to a whole new level.

– Dave Fields, President and General Manager of the Snowbirds

new tram, utah, snowbird
Credit: Snowbird

The summer rooftop terrace will be the first of its kind in the United States, allowing 15 guests to enjoy unobstructed 360-degree views of Peruvian Gulch, Mount Superior, and more, as upgrades from scenic tram rides in summer. The Summer Tram will also feature three three-foot by three-foot glass floor panels so daring guests can see the scenery below. Finally, the tramway drive system will benefit from a complete technological upgrade. The original tram cabins will make their last trips on April 3, 2022.

Snowbird, UT Trail Map

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