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Solve a murder mystery by building bridges in Malaysian game “The Magister”

ByLinda W. Smith

Aug 16, 2021

One of our most anticipated Southeast Asian games finally has a release date, as The Magister has been confirmed to release in September of this year.

Billed as a “Murder Mystery Card Fighting RPG,” The Magister is truly unique. Players take on the role of the titular Magister on a quest to find out who murdered their predecessor and get to the bottom of it.

The game uses light roguelite mechanics as each execution is random. Players are tasked with starting a new affair each time with a whole new deck and a whole new mystery to solve.

Each part of The Magister takes place within 14 days of play, as players must journey through the fantastic world of Silverhurst, either on their own or with a sidekick, who can be a mercenary, spy, sage, or even a pet. like a cat or a dog.

The cards that players find on their travels serve two purposes. First, players can engage in fights where specific cards give players access to a myriad of abilities and attacks to take out enemies.

The second method is through talk cards, where the game’s tactical diplomacy mechanics come into play. By using the right cards in their decks, players can appease their enemies by talking to them.

On top of that, each new part also gives you a random Magister to use, each with their own unique personality quirks that make things even more interesting.

Published by Digerati, The Magister is developed by Malaysian solo developer Nerdook Productions, which has been making games since 2011. He is also known for Vertical Drop Heroes and the Flash game Monster Slayers.

Speaking in an interview with the creators of the GameMaker engine, YoYo Games, Nerdook recently spoke about how making games through GameMaker has enabled him to earn a living, that of his wife and three children.

Based in Kuching, Sarawak, Nerdook spoke at length about how he left his job as an engineer in the oil and gas industry to become the game developer we all know today.

The Magister is made using the GameMaker engine and is definitely a business because it features procedural generation and a unique social deduction mechanism.

If that’s okay with you, The Magister will release on Steam and Nintendo Switch on September 2, and Xbox One on September 3.

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