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Spa boss acquires landscaping company with vision to create national brand

ByLinda W. Smith

Apr 23, 2022

A company dating back to 1971 is being transformed into a national “landscape house” brand, under the leadership of an entrepreneur who has made a splash in the spa world.

Rob Carlin, who was 23 when he moved into his back bedroom, is part of a three-person consortium that bought Chesterfield-based Valleys Ltd and its four sister companies for a seven-figure sum .

The companies now operate as Valleys Group Ltd, which is fast becoming a major name in landscaping materials. Jobs have doubled and more are planned.

Carlin, whose spa manufacturing company Superior Wellness employs 70 people, said: “We have retained the five existing employees. Their experience and knowledge accumulated over many years are essential to our objectives.

“We have already created five additional jobs and aim to increase the team over the next 12 months.”

The consortium includes Sheffield men Sam Newton and Mike Crocker of Gravitate Accountancy. Sheffielder Nick Peel has been appointed managing director to lead the company’s growth strategy.

Chesterfield businessman Chris Humphreys started trading as Valleys Ltd in 2005 after buying the Brick Centre, which was established in 1971. He went on to create other brands, Valley Reclamation, Valley Stone, Trade Porcelain and Brick Slips Direct.

Two large storage areas at Sheepbridge and Pottery Lane are part of the acquisition.

Carlin was a business client and saw the potential for growth. Its goal is to create a one-stop-shop for professional landscapers, property developers, and homeowners.

The building and landscaping product lines have been expanded and the company’s recently refurbished showroom in Pottery Lane East is now a center for decking, outdoor lighting and artificial turf products.

Peel added: “The business has huge potential. The home and garden improvement industry has exploded during the pandemic and we believe homeowners will continue to enjoy landscaping their outdoor spaces.

“The strong synergy between Superior Wellness and Valleys Group will allow us to forge a great national brand.

Peel developed his business management experience for six years in Russia, then spent seven years in Dubai focusing on sales, furniture production and marketing for the Royal Furniture Group before returning to the UK in 2020 to become Managing Director at Sky.

He leads Valleys Group’s logistics, marketing, product lines and development.

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