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State’s Better Business Bureau urges customers to seek out contractors

ByLinda W. Smith

Apr 27, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) — Now that the weather is warmer, many New Mexicans are starting home improvement projects. But experts say they are seeing more cases of contractors starting a job but never finishing it.

Brian Baca is the president of the New Mexico Better Business Bureau. He shares, “Those poor consumers who get ripped off for money. Basically starting a huge construction job and then quitting it and leaving the site with nowhere to be found.

This puts customers in a difficult situation. “I’m just dealing with the frustration and turmoil we’ve been through because we’ve already paid them over $52,000.” Tina Bezdek signed a contract with Paradise Pools of New Mexico in October 2020. “As of today, it’s still not over; we lack the heating, the cover, the light in the swimming pool, the light in the whirlpool, the terrace; there are cracks and odds and ends.

Online records show several complaints against Paradise Pools of New Mexico for not being allowed to do business in the state. Bezdek did his own research. She explains, “After contacting the city of Albuquerque, the permit that was used to do the work on our property was actually not Paradise Pools of New Mexico, it was from a Conpro Construction that is not the person I worked with. .”

This is a trend that the Better Business Bureau has seen recently. “The most important thing we see from these contractors, because they are doing these jobs that don’t even have the license to do it. In fact, we reported similar issues with another company just a few weeks ago.

Bezdek filed complaints with the BBB, the Construction Industries Division and the state attorney general’s office. New Mexico’s BBB president explains how these entrepreneurs get their foot in the door with customers. “They advertise five different industries on Facebook and they’re not allowed to be in any of them, but they’re trying to get attention, they’re marketing, they’re marketing for their scams , that’s what they do,” Baca said.

Now Bezdek is looking to take legal action. “I contacted a few attorneys who already have lawsuits against Paradise Pools of New Mexico and are likely to go this direction.” We contacted Paradise Pools of New Mexico for comment. The contractor’s attorney said pandemic-related supply and demand issues are the reason for the incomplete pool.

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