• Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

The ABC report details the use of technologies by contractors


WASHINGTON – Associated Builders and Contractors released its first Technical report, a study of innovative technology and tools that ABC contractor members use on job sites to be safer, more profitable and ready to earn more work. The report is from a survey conducted from March to May 2021. It details opportunities for construction contractors to improve their project coordination, planning, estimating, production and scheduling operations.

“This report will provide construction leaders with a roadmap to understand how technology and innovation can help their businesses,” said Jack Hineman, vice president of business intelligence at Gaylor Electric Inc., Indianapolis. , and chair-elect of ABC’s Construction Technology and Innovation Committee. . “Investing in construction technology will help construction companies innovate, differentiate themselves, and attract and educate their best talent. Our industry is made up of problem solvers who are building America. When a tool to solve a problem does not exist, our users make every effort to create a resource that solves problems to the best of their ability. »

Among the findings, the Tech Report 2021 reveals:

  • 70% of respondents cited an operational problem as one of their top three challenges that technology can help solve.
  • More than half of respondents rely on project management software, with 68% using it for office management and 59% using it in the field.
  • Almost all respondents use specialized accounting and invoicing software.
  • 78% of respondents have implemented new technologies in the past two years, with software platforms for project management and accounting as the primary focus of implementation teams.
  • According to data collected from winners of the ABC 2020 Excellence in Construction Awards, 93% of these top construction projects were built using technology management.

“Executing world-class performance requires contractors to continuously innovate, and I’m confident the 2021 ABC Tech Report will help contractors on their technology journey,” said Matt Abeles, vice president of construction technology and innovation at ABC. “If we choose to lead, engage and innovate, together we will create the conditions so that everyone can do their job smoothly, be more profitable and earn more work.”

The inaugural report is made possible by members of the ABC Tech Alliance, a consortium of companies that create technology and construction solutions for ABC member contractors, the majority of whom primarily perform work in the industrial and commercial.

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