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The company that cares: Mountain Construction Engineering

ByLinda W. Smith

Jun 2, 2022

Written by: Marlene Osteen | Publish: June – 2022

A lifetime spent managing huge infrastructure projects gives Mountain Construction Engineering extensive construction expertise. To learn more, call (917) 299-2019 or visit Mountain-ce.com.


Thomas and Robyn Hessling with company mascot Oscar

Thomas Hessling, president of Mountain Construction Engineering, has worked for 37 years on some of the nation’s toughest and most iconic infrastructure projects. A career construction engineer licensed in 11 states, he has spent his time traveling the country, serving on major projects and, over time, winning numerous awards.

But life on the road was getting tiring and he and his wife Robyn longed for a more peaceful lifestyle. Over the years they have regularly visited Robyn’s father at his summer home in Highlands and, like so many before them, they never left the Plateau without wanting to return. They decided to settle in the area once their two children started college.

In 2017, the Hesslings bought a house in Sapphire Valley and opened Mountain Construction Engineering.

Since opening, the company has been recognized for the integrated construction and facilities management services it provides. This includes representing owners building second and third homes in the mountains and supervising construction details and financial oversight in their absence – in short, the liaison between contractor and owner. Other services include structural engineering advice on earthworks, foundation works and design.

The firm’s advice is sought after for residential sales – representing either the owner or the buyer – and offering quality information to enable them to make informed decisions.

At a time when the homebuilding industry is going through the toughest time in decades to keep up with demand and homeowners are facing growing frustration, Hessling is a welcome and reassuring presence.

Hessling can be seen on the Plateau yards and beyond in the company of his Samoyed dog Oscar, whom he calls the company’s mascot. A few years ago, Oscar lost his hair, a condition that made him both distinctive and easily recognizable. Generally considered “the superintendent of construction”, Oscar “represents happiness and all that is good in the world – he does the work”.

Robyn Hessling is a second grade teacher at Highlands School. A former residential realtor and buyer for retailer Abraham and Strauss, she has, as she says, commerce in her genes and uses her marketing skills on behalf of the business.

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