• Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The Fourth Avenue Bridge will be closed on Monday for the installation of receiving beams

ByLinda W. Smith

Jan 13, 2022

The shutdown is expected to last a week and a half as measures to support the bridge’s infrastructure are installed

The City of Moose Jaw will close the Fourth Avenue Bridge next Monday for scheduled repairs and maintenance aimed at extending the life of the structure.

The bridge – also known as the Thunderbird Viaduct – will be closed to vehicular traffic on January 17, while pedestrian walkways will remain open.

The closure will take place for the installation of a sensor beam system, designed as a back-up solution in the event of failure of the existing infrastructure. In such a case, the girder would not keep the bridge usable by traffic but would help prevent extreme damage to the span.

The construction will provide additional support to a half joint that connects sections built in 1965 and 1989. The joint was identified as a major problem during a preliminary design report by Associated Engineering, the company overseeing the renovation of 16 million dollars from the bridge.

Initial reports in September pegged the cost of building the pickup beam at $230,000.

Construction crews will also carry out survey work on the bridge to determine the condition of the reinforcing steel supporting the structure.

The closure is expected to last until Friday, January 28, weather permitting.

All businesses in the area remain open and drivers are urged to use 9th Avenue NW or 1st Avenue NE to access South Hill.

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