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Toro launches new equipment for landscape contractors at GIE + EXPO 2021

ByLinda W. Smith

Nov 3, 2021

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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Toro is excited to present three new products designed to meet the changing demands of landscape contractors at GIE + Expo 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. Toro Introduces New Revolution Series of Battery-Powered Commercial Lawn Care Equipment, the Z Master® and the platform® Revolution, and a new Z Master 7500-D with a massive 144-inch cutting deck.

“The new Z Master Revolution and Grandstand Revolution take two of Toro’s beloved mower platforms and revolutionize them with lithium-ion battery power technology that will outlast the sun,” said Chris Vogtman , Director of Marketing at Toro. “We are also delighted to present the new Z Master 7500-D 144″, which helps landscapers work on large areas with ease. In addition, all new equipment is Horizon360 ™ compatible, which is a real advantage in creating business efficiency gains. ”

Every Revolution machine is equipped with patent pending software in the controls that allows for smooth operation. It also gives operators the ability to customize the machine with an adjustable deck rake, drive speed control options, and blade tip speed settings.

Revolution Series mowers are powered by Toro’s HyperCell Power System ™, which has been specially designed with the same innovative spirit that Toro has applied to its equipment for over a century, and delivers power and reliability throughout. daytime. The Battery Management System (BMS) allows for longer run times and fast charging to maximize productivity. HyperCell is designed to run cooler than other power systems, so it can last as long as sunlight. Ultimately, operators gain efficiency, reduce emissions, and can get more work done with less hassle.

Master Z® Revolution

The past and the present have become the future with the new Toro® Master Z® Revolution zero-turn mower. He’s big, bad, and battery-powered.

Built on Toro’s commercial-grade Z Master 4000 series frame and legendary Turbo Force® chainring, the new Toro Z Master Revolution delivers rugged all-day comfort with Toro’s patented MyRIDE technology.® Suspension system. The suspended driving platform and personalized, easy-to-adjust riding parameters optimize comfort. The all-day runtime of the Toro HyperCell Power system seals the deal.


The Toro GrandStand Revolution ride-on mower is a powerful machine designed for high-performance lawn care professionals and professionals who want to optimize their operations with the next generation of landscaping equipment. It’s the same vehicle you trust with its space-saving folding platform, but now it’s powered by Toro’s durable HyperCell batteries.

Featuring a Turbo Force deck with adjustable deflector, operators can adjust the deck deflector to achieve the most perfect cut in all conditions. The Turbo Force chainring is a heavy duty 50 KSI 7 gauge steel chainring, complemented by a heavy duty tubular frame and a durable I-shaped front end. It also features advanced dual-capture anti-scalp rollers to ensure the highest quality of cut on the most difficult terrain. Unload and disperse waste with the industry’s highest IQ system – the rubber discharge chute removes obstacles, while the dispersion of debris is second to none.

Rough bumps and rough terrain are all in a day’s work. Smelling them shouldn’t have to be. The Toro GrandStand Revolution combines the speed and comfort of a zero-turn rider with the ease of switching on and off a large walk-behind zone – creating a fast, maneuverable and more productive alternative to meet your quiet needs , battery powered and efficient. mowing needs.

Z Master 7500-D 144 “

Toro’s Z Master 7500-D is known for keeping crew numbers to a minimum and productivity high – and now Toro takes its ripping capability to a whole new level with a new 144 “cutting deck.

The new Z Master 7500-D 144 “automatically adapts to changes in terrain on the fly by choosing the right operating mode for the conditions with Toro’s Horizon Technology. The Horizon on-board intelligence platform improves machine performance under various mowing conditions and protects the mower by monitoring engine oil temperature and pressure. You will save on fuel costs while maintaining top performance.

The massive mowing deck can fold its fenders up to 83 inches, allowing it to fit most standard trailers. The fenders flex up to 20 degrees and up to 15 degrees, which hug the ground as you mow, giving you a professional-grade cut over rough terrain.

Built to last with a protective engine hood, rounded bumper, 250 lb. Warner® clutch and a 7 gauge axle, the new Z Master 7500-D 144 ”will do the job for a long time.

Horizon360 ™

The best thing about the three new Toro products is that they are all compatible with Horizon360. Toro’s new business software for landscaping contractors generates more profits and increases business efficiency and effectiveness.

This powerful new all-in-one software suite enables landscaping contractors to more effectively track the productivity of their teams and equipment, automate their invoicing process and improve time management for their businesses. Horizon360 also offers proof of service, work and office notes, real-time equipment tracking, and a bilingual phone app to manage planning, weather events and multiple shifts.

For more information on these exciting new equipment offerings from Toro, please visit toro.com.

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