• Thu. May 12th, 2022

Transformers deck-building game reveals Rising Darkness expansion

Renegade Game Studios knocks it out of the park with its series of deck-building games, which now includes Power Rangers, GI Joe, and Transformers. Now they’ve revealed a new expansion for their Transformers deck-building game titled A Rising Darkness, which features both competitive and cooperative play, although the most exciting part of the expansion is that it features Decepticons. playable. It also brings rules that allow players to create a Team vs Team game, which will pit Autobot players against Deception players when combined with the Transformers base set, although A Rising Darkness is a standalone expansion, you can so always play it without the core. set if desired.

If you pre-order from Renegade’s online store, you’ll get the bonus pack, which includes one playable character (Astrotrain) and four Main Deck promo cards. As for the rest of the set, it includes 174 Autobot and Decepticon cards, 6 Character cards, 10 Encounter cards, and 5 Reference cards.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

The Transformers: A Rising Darkness deck-building game is up for pre-order now and costs $45.00. A Rising Darkness is expected to hit stores in the second quarter of this year, and you can find the expansion’s official description below.

“Become a mighty Decepticon and race to defeat the Autobots in this standalone expansion to the Transformers deck-building game! This expansion is compatible with the base game and will offer 2 main game modes: Competitive mode (the Decepticons bicker they face off against the Autobots) and Cooperative mode (the Decepticons join forces to defeat the Autobots).This expansion also introduces rules for Team vs. Team games, featuring Decepticon players against Autobot players when combined with the Core Set.


Play as Decepticons!
Standalone extension
Combine with the base set for Team vs Team games!
Explore a matrix of maps to discover allies and enemies
Summary of content:

174 standard size cards (including Autobot and Decepticon cards)
6 oversized character cards
10 encounter cards
5 reference cards
In short

Number of players: 1 to 5 players
For ages: 14 and up
Playing time: 45-90 mins
Type of game: deck-building game expansion set, stand-alone expansion

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