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Universal – Overrogue – A Roguelite Card Game (by KEMCO/EXE-CREATE) | Touch Arcade

ByLinda W. Smith

Jan 13, 2022

As some know I’m a fan of this kind of games so I smoked a bunch less (lol not really) and TOFTT! After 2 hours of play… I will dispense this knowledge now:

If you like a story, this game has many Kemco features. You can “explore” your current map/base. Walking around, talking to people, menial stuff (I haven’t YET found the point of exploring) There’s an actual storyline that’s pretty wordy so far. I have the attention span of a gnat so I usually skip them… battles are quite interesting once you understand that you should and will change your team’s position a lot throughout the battle. While doing this, some things like heal 2hp or buff happen at the cost of 1 energy. It is essential to survive battles. There are cards that perform the “change” function for you with the same advantages. Honestly, I like the thought process that goes into these battles so far. Not as simple as slam attacks every turn. Usually your top tier ally will take most of the attacks, so switching them up helps mitigate some damage while healing in the process.

You fight in the maze through a set number of floors. You defeat the final boss then complete the maze and collect coins and blightstones (premium). You can replay mazes with different “karma” or dungeon buffs to receive higher rewards. I think there are 9 karmas per labyrinth. Just played the 1st rehearsed so far. I beat him 3 times in a row. The 2nd maze is open but wanted to push this one further first.

As for everyone worrying about the dreaded iAP!!!

Demon Coins are used in a Gacha-like machine. 100dc=1 pull 1000dc=10 pull. I think I had 640dc and 40 blightstones the last time I beat the maze, so not bad. The cards you draw from the gacha are then inserted into future races in your ORRRR mazes if you already have that card, it is then upgraded in ALL future races OR gives a different overall advantage. The only thing I can see so far using DC is gacha, but still very early. As for the blightstones, yes you can buy them if you want (I believe it’s PURELY) if you want to more or less not have to grind as much and just unlock the things I’m talking about next. So the blightstones are used to unlock permanent buffs for your characters/gain gold/HP/extra energy/etc… I think you can eventually unlock everything just by playing the game as intended. It’ll be Grindy but the battles are pretty cool so far and with potential new maps unlocking with each run, it keeps it alive.

There is a lot to learn in this game, so be patient and let it grow. Don’t let the iAP scare you off because I’m sure the story is good lol and the gameplay is pretty good.

there are also sheep cards you can get that will help you run. You can use them whenever you want. They are more or less god mode cards.

good luck and have a nice trip!

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I’m still on Theme (Deck) 1. I think there are 5 different decks lol. So a ton of cards to unlock since each deck has its own pool of cards.

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